The Driveby Tourist began many years ago with a flight to Boston for a long weekend. From there, I drove around for two days. Not aimlessly, but just a basic plan to see what I could see in those two days. I loved it! A post on the blog titled “The Driveby Tourist Beginning” goes into more detail. Over the years, I’ve looked for other opportunities to do similar travels.

My road trips include family vacations, couple’s vacations and individual trips. First and foremost: Route 66 from Chicago to Santa Monica on the Pacific! I’ve also driven the Great River Road from the source flowing from Lake Itasca in Minnesota to Natchez Mississippi. Other trips still to appear on the blog are a three-week road trip from home to Boston and to Bar Harbor in Maine with many attractions in between. Another road trip from home to first Asheville and then the Outer Banks in North Carolina will also be included.

My family trips (which likely won’t be blog posts) include to Moscow Idaho and Spokane Washington, road trips to Washington DC, road/camping trip for two weeks to Colorado including some time in Aspen. We also spent two winters in Arizona with the second winter ending with about a 10 day return trip. Appearing in the blog already is a road trip to Denver Colorado when my brother was ill. Going there, I spent a couple extra days to see attractions in Iowa. On the return, I took six days to see attractions most people never see in Colorado, Nebraska and South Dakota.

My purpose is to document my travel in a fun way to encourage people to realize they too can do their dream trips. My focus is road trips in the United States. Some will be trips actually taken, some will be about trips planned, and others will be trips fantasized. While the focus is on road trips in the US, foreign travel is definitely on the radar as well. (I have been to Canada and Mexico! And served two years in the US Navy in Japan.)

I’m Stan Wiebe, a retired IT professional, a husband, a father and a grandfather. Being retired gives me some time to do a few longer trips. Others are appearing and will appear over time.

About Bucket List Road Trips by The Driveby Tourist.

Driveby means, “Ok, we’re here. Let’s get going, see what we can see in a few minutes, take the pictures and move on!” (Of course, the pictures are the  most important and that’s the only time I’ll slow down! – That’s just my expression, I will take time as needed.)

The Driveby Tourist blog focuses on trips I’ve taken, trips I want to take, trips being planned, and trips that are interesting to others. For example, the post on Dangerous Road Trips. Also working on a “fantasy” road trip to hit 4 highlights in each of the lower 48 states.

Anyone wanting some basic research into a particular area can contact me. I’d be very interested in helping out if I can turn it into a post. (No need for you to be identified!)

The blog got its start when I planned a Route 66 trip from Chicago to Santa Monica. Had been planning for over a year and wanted to cover the full distance. Left home without a specified date when I would arrive in Santa Monica. Took 17 days to drive the length. Stayed in LA area for 4 days and drove back home. I continued blogging while on the return trip and found I really enjoy doing the blog.

Next, went back into “history” and blogged about a road trip I took in 2017 on the Great River Road.  And that “history blog” was interrupted by a couple of “micro-trips” I took while continuing this blog. Mini- and micro-trips will continue as well as longer road trips when possible. Will also include other trips and will get as diverse as possible with the focus on road trips and experiences which (hopefully) will be helpful to others.

Since I’m retired, maybe it will be helpful to those approaching retirement as something to do in retirement (either traveling or blogging).

 Content will continue to evolve over time as I develop my blogging style.
Thanks for reading and I welcome your comments!