After Route 66 trip – “By the Numbers”

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If you are a numbers “guy”, must show numbers about the trip.  Gives a good summary and interesting to review. Comments?

  • Miles driven                                                                    6,642
  • Number of hotels                                                          22
  • Days on the road                                                           31
  • Distinct lodging units                                                   23
  • Percent over budget                                                    1%
  • Blog posts                                                                       35
  • Most miles driven on Route 66                                      287
  • Most miles driven one day  (trip back)                     450
  • Least miles driven                                                         27
  • Highest price for gas                                                    $4.79
  • Lowest price for gas                                                     $2.24
  • Highest point above sea level                                    11,158 ft
  • Lowest point below sea level                                     -282 ft
  • Photo images taken                                                     2970
  • National and other parks                                            4
  • Towns with burros on street                                      1
  • Most consecutive miles without interstate            158
  • Number of states visited                                             14
  • Family members visited                                              14

Limited information today. Trying to “recover” from the trip. Unbelievable amount of things to do when done with trip. Look for post tomorrow or following day with summary.

Or you can jump ahead to the final thoughts and ramblings. Here is the link.

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