Back in California May 8th

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Back in California again. Technically, not a “road trip” by my definition because we flew here. Navy Reunion in San Diego Thursday through Sunday. Great way to see other parts of the country and new areas/sights/attractions you haven’t seen before. Of course, I’ve been to San Diego several times but there is always something new. When possible, add a few days on either the front or back-end and use the time to see something new. Usually, the reunion/family get together/whatever takes up all of the time. Since the “Navy guys” are together as a group, probably won’t be able to do my “Driveby” mode but will take it as it comes.

After arriving, went out to dinner here. Although we have outdoor seating as well, the weather here is more conducive to many more choices for outdoor eating. Nice way to ease into the trip. Easy to sit around and enjoy the changes in scenery and SoCal weather, even though MN weather is great now as well. But… LaLaLand is over-crowded and traffic is either “bad” or “less bad”.

This is the view across the street from their building:

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Angel Stadium, the Big A in Anaheim.  Team has had a naming confusion. First, Los Angeles Angels, then California Angels, then Anaheim Angels and now Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. They won one World Series in their existence, 2002. 

This is the inside courtyard. Their place is on the inside. If you live on one side you can see Angel Stadium. If you live on the other side,  you can see Disneyland night-time fireworks.

Close up view. Not exactly iconic but it’s now the 4th oldest stadium in Major League Baseball. 

If there is anything iconic here, it is the “Big A”. Been here since the stadium was built.

The Honda Center, where the Anaheim Ducks play hockey is less than a mile away. Wouldn’t expect it but hockey has become a popular sport here in So Cal. The LA Kings are also here. 

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