Bismarck toward Fargo Sightseeing – Day 3

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Bismarck toward Fargo Sightseeing

Working on sightseeing around Bismarck before heading out to Fargo. So, Bismarck toward Fargo Sightseeing. Interestingly, some would say, what is there to see? Well, here goes!

Missouri River

Seeing the Missouri again after crossing it on the Route 66 trip by St. Louis. The Missouri River starts all the way back in Montana. Given the elevation, there are much larger dams for flood control on the Missouri than the Mississippi has. The Missouri is formed by the confluence of 3 rivers in Montana at about 4000 feet elevation while the Mississippi is 1475 feet. By the way, the three rivers forming the Missouri are the Jefferson, the Madison, and the Gallatin.

Bismarck toward Fargo Sightseeing
The Missouri River in Bismarck is already relatively large. Since it already near it’s mid-point, that’s not surprising. Interestingly, the river is slightly flooded here today.
Missouri River flooding
Here’s a closer view of the Missouri flooding. This is a boat launch that is closed due to high water. (I was trespassing when I took the picture!)

Link to a video of the river with some flooding.

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Bismarck toward Fargo sightseeing
Representation of the Lewis and Clark expedition. They spend the winter of 1804-1805 across the river in what is now Mandan ND. Here Sakakawea or Sacagawea (both spellings are used) and her husband joined them. (She was kidnapped from her Shoshone tribe in Idaho and brought back to North Dakota as a child. Therefore,the local tribe considered her property and sold her to Toussaint Charbonneau to be his wife. Charbonneau is hired as a guide and Sakakawea is brought along for her language skills.)
Cruise boat on the Missouri River

North Dakota State Capitol

North Dakota State Capitol
North Dakota State Capitol building. The original Capitol burned 1930. The new Capitol was completed in 1934. Since the Great Depression was underway, some features were removed. The state used WPA labor and the cost to build was under $2 Million! Interestingly, one of less than 10 state capitol buildings to not look like a Capitol. According to the Washington Post it is the “second least” likely to be a state capitol. (Alaska is #!)
North Dakota State Capital
Another view of the wing of the North Dakota Capitol built the Judicial wing (the part of the building on the left), opening it in 1981 for a cost of $10,500,000.

North Dakota State Heritage Center

North Dakota Heritage Center and Museum
Built in 1981 and expanded in 2014, the ND Heritage Center and Museum contains the history of ND back to prehistoric times.
North Dakota Heritage Center
American Bison standing guard over the ND Heritage Center and Museum

Day 3 continues with an uneventful trip to Fargo. Did have dinner with my grandson but don’t typically post personal pictures here. Did have a video using a dashboard camera but the resolution isn’t good and positioning left too many distractions. Will add a couple of videos in the next couple of days. Here is a link to look back on the previous post.

Bismarck toward Fargo sightseeing

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