Bismarck trip sightseeing along the way – Day 2

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Bismarck trip sights

Interstate 94 to New Salem

Bismarck trip sightseeing. Started in Fargo with stops on the way. Again, great to get off the interstate for some sightseeing. Pushing to get off the main road occasionally.

Salem Sue on Bismarck trip sights


Valley City ND – Bismarck trip sightseeing

Medicine Wheel Park contains a “map” of the solar system. The sun and planets are represented by rocks. They are not shown as scale size of distance but do show size and distance differences. The park also contains 28 straight lines of rocks representing the days in a lunar cycle. Most importantly, on the first day of each cycle, the lines align with sunrise and sunset for the cycle . This was a class project at Valley City State University and is on the grounds of the university.

Medicine Wheel Park
Earth, Venus and Mercury in relation to the Sun
Bismarck Trip sightseeing
Rock representing Jupiter with “somewhat” scale size and distance from the sun.
Valley City park
Saturn (for those who didn’t listen in science classes!)
North Dakota Wind Farms
Wind Farm north of Valley City (North Dakota has enough wind to create energy for lots of states!) Bet you didn’t think they could grow wind!
America's Byways on Bismarck trip sights
“America’s Byways” Note the gravel road.
Lake Ashtabula
Lake Ashtabula north of Valley City
Lake Ashtabula Dam
Bald Hill Dam that creates Lake Ashtabula
Lake Ashtabula
Encompassing picture of Lake Ashtabula

Jamestown ND

Jamestown ND Bison on Bismarck trip sights
Here we go again! Worlds largest buffalo (American Bison)
American Bison
Information on the American Bison (Commonly known as the buffalo)
Buffalo Museum
The Buffalo Museum
Bison Skull
From long ago when bison were already roaming this area of the country
White Buffalo believed to be sacred. A symbol of sacred life and abundance. The white buffalo is like the “second coming of Christ” to some of the native nations.  “It will bring about purity of mind, body, and spirit and unify all nations—black, red, yellow, and white.” says Floyd Hand Looks For Buffalo, an Oglala Medicine Man from Pine Ridge, South Dakota.  
Railroads bring hunters who kill buffalo for sport, often leaving the dead buffalo to rot on the ground.
Next photo pays homage to ND's Oil Exploration - Along with other Bismarck Trip Sights here
Story of ND oil exploration
Alternative Rest Stop in ND on Bismarck trip sights
Interstate 94 rest area near Bismarck. Made to look like a legacy service station. (Looks like some of the restored stations on Route 66.)

New Salem ND

Salem Sue. Holstein cow to depict the dairying industry in this part of ND. Much of this part of the state is ranching and north and west of here, OIL, but in this part cows rule!
North Dakota Dairy industry
Overlooking the city of New Salem from the hill where Salem Sue stands watch
New Salem ND on Bismarck trip sights
Looking east toward Bismarck on a beautiful day.

Beautiful day for a drive. Seeing sights that wouldn’t see if staying on the interstate to get to destination. Heading back to Bismarck for the night. Here is a link to look ahead to the next post on this trip.

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