Black Forest Inn Minneapolis Eat Street

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Eat Street Anchor becomes Black Forest Inn Minneapolis. Because the Black Forest Inn opened May 15th, 1965, long before any others there today. In this case, the restaurant was founded by a German immigrant which makes it more authentic. And, his family still runs it and he still comes in many days to help out and oversee. Especially since its the first, gotta visit it when you are in the Twin Cities.

Black Forest Inn Minneapolis
Good German beer!

Originally, the founder came to Milwaukee and along with his brother, found a bar on Eat Street that became the Black Forest Inn (link). They have stayed true to their roots over the years. As noted, the Inn is the first restaurant on Eat Street.

Eat Street Nicollet Anchor
Story of the start of Black Forest Inn

As can be seen, the Black Forest Inn began before it began. The prior owners thought they could entice to German young men into buying a place called Black Forest Inn!

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Black Forest Inn decorations

Black Forest Inn Minneapolis
What more can be said!

After all, they are German! I talked with a bartender at the Black Forest Inn who had lived in Germany for several years. He said Germans are very much like that, but they do love to have fun!

Black Forest Inn
Outdoor Patio for Black Forest Inn!

Subsequently, the owners of the Black Forest Inn Minneapolis sought and obtained approval to build an outdoor patio and beer garden. To point out, the beer garden became one of the first outdoor patios in the Twin Cities.

black Forest Inn humor
Sorry for the reflection. They wouldn’t turn off the lights so I could get a better picture.

Of course, the decorator shows German humor as well.

Here’s the dining room in Old World German fashion!

As shown above, the dining room has a very “Old World” feel to it. A great example of the Black Forest Inn Minneapolis.

German Beer!
Had to try a German beer!

And what is a German restaurant without beer? I had to try one at the Black Forest Inn before moving on. Since I’m not a beer connoisseur, I can’t attest to just how good it is, but the Dortmunder did taste good. The brewery was founded in the city of Dortmund in 1868. By the way, Dortmunder is not on the 10 best selling German Beers in the world today.

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The Black Forest Inn summary:

The Black Forest Inn started as German and has stayed German. It still “anchors” Eat Street due to its longevity. And I believe it’s the only Northern European restaurant on Eat Street. But we tried to cover all continents. In any event, we seem to have missed South America, and Antarctica! As I said, Eat Your Way Around Eat Street!

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Classic Rock Recollection

While it may be true that finding a classic rock song to fit every restaurant becomes difficult, it’s The Driveby Tourist tradition so some of the connections may be obscure! For the Black Forest Inn, what better way than Beatles lyrics for I want to hold your hand in German. They actually recorded this!!

“I want to hold your hand” by the Beatles (German version)
O komm doch, komm zu mir
Du nimmst mir den Verstand
O komm doch, komm zu mir
Komm gib mir deine Hand

Written by: Paul McCartney and John Lennon

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