Braaten Beach Bash and Wind – July 2018 – Day 3

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The third day of Braaten Beach Bash and Wind. Gusting up near 40 MPH. From the south so blowing toward us. No boating today. And about 90 degrees and humid. Lots of conversations and moving from place to place, cabin to cabin, lakeshore to offshore, etc.

Decided to do the Driveby Tourist thing for a while because of the Beach Bash and Wind.


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First off the information wagon. Bemidji is a city of about 14,000 (30,000 in Beltrami County) on the shores of Lake Bemidji. Bemidji is the home of Bemidji State University and Sanford Health System Regional Center. Full-service health care provider if you consider the ties to Sanford in Fargo. But still many services for a city this size.  Was formerly a lumbering town. Henceforth, the high school sports team name, Lumberjacks. Tourism is also a major industry. Bemidji is the central hub for the White Earth, Red Lake, and Leech Lake Native American reservations. 

Freedom Defenders Veterans Memorial
Freedom Defenders Veterans Memorial – full picture  (See…. Wind!)

The city and county built a memorial to all the military services. Had to have some pictures.

Freedom Defenders Veterans Memorial
Center display, a soldier in combat uniform
Freedom Defenders Veterans Memorial
Close up of right side

Freedom Defenders Veterans MemorialClose up of left side

Freedom Defenders Veterans Memorial
… And the full name
Metal work statue
Metalwork statue by high school students
The Teenage Mind
The Teenage Mind

Don’t have a lot to say of interest about the day. The everyday extended family conversation isn’t really interesting to those outside the family. I suppose I could consider all readers part of the family but that doesn’t make conversations more interesting! You know… Beach Bash and Wind


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This geographical area is in the Headwaters of the Mississippi River. We are about 35 miles from the source of the Mississippi, which flows from Lake Itasca, a small glacial lake (1.8 square miles). From there until it reaches this area it’s not much more than a creek. Here it flows through Lake Bemidji and becomes a much larger river as it makes its way slightly north, then east and then turns south towards the Twin Cities, Wisconsin and eventually the Gulf of Mexico. More on that in a couple of weeks.  Here is a link to a Great River Road post.

This is a gorgeous area both in the summer and in the fall. All the green in the summer and the fall colors later. Winter sports abound as well with ice fishing (no, my southern friends, it isn’t fishing for ice!), snowmobile and skiing (downhill and cross country). Downhill is nothing like skiing in Colorado or Montana but still… You go with what you have!

Trying to keep the blog interesting. Guess that’s the challenge of blogging. Keep it up regularly. So, here is a link to the next upcoming post and a link to the previous post.

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