Braaten Beach Bash – July 5 2017 – Day 1

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My wife’s extended family has a summer get together in July. (Braaten Beach Bash) (BBB D1) This has become a tradition since 2001. Was held in Detroit Lakes MN until 3 years ago when it moved to Ruttger’s in Bemidji MN. An old time rustic resort with cabins and a lodge over looking Lake Bemidji. This resort was originally built in 1898. The oldest buildings still in existence were built in 1915. The original lodge burned to the ground and was rebuilt in 1920. There were some hard times during the Great Depression and the resort closed for a couple of years. In 1936 two of the sons of the original owners bought the resort and it remained open since then and in the Ruttger’s family until March of 2018.

Lake Bemidji Braaten Beach Bash
Lake Bemidji from Ruttger’s Resort


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great weather Braaten Beach Bash
..and great weather!

Family members arrived yesterday and are still arriving today. The Braaten Beach Bash runs thru Sunday with some leaving on Monday.  Boating and swimming. Let the games begin!


Beach Bash Resort
Another picture from this great rustic resort

So far, boating and beer (and food). Good to see people we only see twice a year.

Good to use these opportunities to see more of the area. Need to get out tomorrow and do some touring. “Driveby Touring” of course. Might need to get away from the in-laws by then!! (Just kidding, for the Braaten’s seeing this!) Most others will know it’s a joke!

Many were asking me about my Route 66 trip. Some of them have been on parts of it.

Making it short today. Just getting started!

The Driveby Tourist


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