Braaten Beach Bash and Paul Bunyon – July 2017 – Day 2

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Days go by fast. Braaten Beach Bash day. #2.  (BBB D2).  Visiting family members and doing some “driveby tourist” stuff. Since I grew up close to here, nothing is really new but fun to see it again.  Beach Bash and Paul Bunyon!

Kind of the same as yesterday. (Just testing to see if you recognize it!)

Windy day on Lake Bemidji
Windier day than yesterday! Still Lake Bemidji
Beach Bash
Beach Bash!

And the sign goes up every year! Still the same sign since the second year.

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Paul and Babe
Beach Bash and Paul Bunyon and Babe the Blue Ox

No visit to Bemidji is complete without stopping to see another incarnation of Paul Bunyon. Of course, I’ve seen him other places as well, and so can you! I was here when I was a kid and there was nothing around. Just the statues and the lake, no trees, no other buildings. Beach Bash and Paul Bunyon, don’t know if that means anything???

And there was another one in Illinois as well.

Paul Bunyon sign - 1937
Been here since 1937
Sum up Paul Bunyon statue
Kind of sums it up!
Native American Dancer
Native American dancer
Dedication of native american statue
Dedication of Native American Statue

And for my Canadian friends, we have a Timmies here!

For the uninitiated in other countries, Tim Horton was a hockey player in the NHL for 25 years. He and a business partner founded the first coffee and donut shop in Hamilton ON in 1964. Unfortunately, Tim Horton died in a car accident in 1974 but his legacy lives on. They are the largest fast-food company in Canada (outpacing McDonald’s) and the largest coffee seller (outpacing Starbucks) by a wide margin. (Tim Hortons may be a story for a blog post someday if I can figure out how it fits the Road Trip theme! Maybe I can go on a road trip to see how many Tim Hortons I can visit!)

…and so it goes. Another Beach Bash. Not bad for spending a long weekend with my in-laws!  Here is a link to the next post.

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