Carhenge Nebraska Attraction

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Carhenge Nebraska Attraction

Getting back into “kitschy” attractions! However, if the Carhenge Nebraska Attraction doesn’t fall into this description, not sure what does! (First of all, here is the definition of kitschy: “So tacky or lame that it has a certain ironic appeal”.) Conversely, I’m sure the creators of Carhenge don’t agree! Here is a link to the beginning post of this series. In short, maybe Carhenge falls above kitschy! After all, pre-historic Stonehenge represents the source.

Of course, Carhenge, based on Stonehenge in England, represents American ingenuity. In fact, the creator of Carhenge spent seven years working in England as a petroleum engineer. As a result, upon returning to his home town, he wanted to build a replica. Since there weren’t any big rocks around, why not use old cars for the Carhenge Nebraska Attraction!?!

Consequently, Carhenge is built as close to the dimensions of Stonehenge as possible. As a result, thirty-nine cars are placed in a 96-foot circle. Finally, the cars are spray-painted gray. The gray paint approximates the color of the rocks in Stonehenge. And the Carhenge Nebraska Attraction appears! Here is a link regarding Carhenge on the Roadtrippers web site.

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Overview picture Carhenge

Carhenge pictures abound in this post. It looks like Stonehenge, right?

Carhenge Nebraska Attraction
Carhenge with Nebraska ranch land in background
Carhenge Nebraska Attraction
Storyboard describing the ideas and building of Carhenge

Pictures contain detail of Carhenge

Looks like Stonehenge!
Detail photos
Like Stonehenge?
Cars on top of cars!
…and even an old truck
More cars on top of cars
Carhenge Nebraska Attraction
Cars surround and become part of Carhenge

Old cars constitute Carhenge, of course! Still building it like Stonehenge.

Carhenge circle continues
Purposely, cars growing out of cars!

Carhenge becomes a well known attraction! More cars surround the attraction.

Burial methods start to vary
Buried Cars
Don’t see much of this one
Buried Cars
…and even less of this one
Car burial became a “thing”.

Even the birds like it. I wonder if the birds like Stonehenge as well.

The birds like the cars as well

Carhenge includes other car related themes as well.

After building Carhenge itself, the founders decided to add to the attractions. As a result, other cars around the perimeter make up the full attraction. In truth, this is a fun attraction. Probably don’t want to go hundreds of miles out of your way to see it!

Other sculpture made from car parts
Carhenge Nebraska Attraction
Foreign cars take over until American car makers get their ducks in a row
Carhenge Nebraska Attraction
Side attractions representing the seasons. Called “Ford Seasons” since the cars are all Fords. Green represents spring and early summer growth. Gold represents the harvest and fall. Then Winter and back into spring.
Carhenge Nebraska Attraction
Graffitti Car
Carhenge Nebraska Attraction -  Stonehenge
Close up of part of graffitti car

More Stonehenge inspired attractions

Seems like the US likes to have attractions based on Stonehenge. Also, here is a link to a website listing many of them. Surprisingly, The Driveby Tourist visited Stubby Stonehenge in Rolla MO while on the Route 66 trip. Want to see the website (link)?And here is a link to a post about many quirky roadside attractions in the USA.

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In conclusion…

As much as The Driveby Tourist included rock and roll songs in posts, need to get back into that. Found that Richie Havens had recoreded and album called “Stonehenge” in 1970. By all means, need rock and roll music again.

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