Chicago Illinois Great Attractions

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The river runs backward! In 1887, pollution threatened Lake Michigan from sewage and other discharges dumped into the Chicago River. The Illinois legislature created legislation to reverse the flow. Formerly, the river flowed into Lake Michigan. With the new legislation, the design of the massive project created a new path. And the Chicago River now flows into a sanitary processing area and then through various rivers into the Mississippi River. As a result of the project, one of the Chicago Illinois Great Attractions continues to be the Chicago River, and the Riverwalk through The Loop area.

Great Chicago Illinois Attractions
..and there it goes!

Due to this great engineering feat, the growth along the Chicago River was set for future generations. While initial progress came slowly, the riverfront now borders the Chicago River and has attracted many residents as well as nightlife for locals and visitors.

Riverwalk of Chicago River

Chicago River

Along the riverwalk, small stores sell their merchandise especially planned for riverwalk users. Interesting small shops are worth checking out while in Chicago.

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Mural on Chicago River

Another view on the riverwalk includes these murals to decorate for sightseers. The riverwalk also contains, flowers, shrubs, green space and places to sit.

Chicago commerce and residential on the river
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In brief, the above shows both business and residential areas on the river. In fact, the initial work to reverse the flow helped focus on cleaning up the river. Those efforts eventually led to the riverfront becoming what it is today.

Riverwalk entertainment draws people to the river. On the left is a bar/lounge with entertainment opportunities. On the right, the city aerates the water in the river both to keep it clean and to allow underwater life to prevail.

Chicago evening traffic
Riverwalk in the evening

Another key point is the traffic flow along the river to generate commerce and entertainment. Overall, all this area creates a great place to visit.

Chicago Pizza

Chicago original pizza

Earlier in our visit, we ate pizza at one of these Chicago original pizza places. Very good and worth the visit.

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Chicago original pizza

And we visited Gino’s East on our last day in Chicago. Can’t really say which one is better.

Route 66

Historic Route 66

Of course, the world-famous Route 66 starts in Chicago. Unless you are driving from California to Illinois, then it ends here! And I did the route starting here in 2018. Here is a link to the first day of the trip.

Currently, Route 66 consists of two one-way streets. As a result, the eastern starting point is on Adams Street and Michigan Avenue and the eastern endpoint is on Jackson Boulevard and Michigan Avenue about a block away.

Navy Pier

Navy Pier extends out into Lake Michigan and provides eating and drinking places as well as other shopping and recreational opportunities. Navy Pier was named such during World War I to honor Chicagoans serving in the Navy. So it was never owned by the Navy.

Of course, can’t end without…

Stan's Donuts Chicago

Didn’t know I had a donut shop in Chicago! I’m sure this qualifies as a Great Chicago Illinois Attraction! And here’s a link to another great Chicago Attraction, the Cloud Gate.

Classic Rock Recollection

“Blue Navy Blue” by Diane Renay

Blue, navy blue, I’m as blue as I can be
‘Cause my steady boy said “Ship ahoy”
And joined the Nay-ee-ay-vee

He said he wanted to settle down
And let me be his girl
But first, he had to do a little travelin’ around
And see the whole wide world

Written by: Bob Crewe, Bud Rehak, Edward Fluri

What else for a post containing information about Navy Pier!

(Maybe my recollections should have been a song by the group “Chicago”!

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