Corn Palace Mitchell SD & More

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Corn Palace Mitchell SD & More

Welcome back to another post about Nebraska. However, this includes South Dakota as well. After all, The Driveby Tourist drives by the Corn Palace Mitchell SD & More. In light of the blog name, I had to say “drives by”, but I actually did stop and see it. Basically, I came away somewhat disappointed. Because the outside is great, but…. more on that later. Therefore, to get on with it, here is a link to the post leading into this one.

Corn Palace

After all, this post includes Corn Palace in the title. So, here is a picture. Also, more on this in a bit.

Corn Palace Mitchell SD & More
.. and here is the world famous “Worlds’ Only Corn Palace”!

Getting started on Corn Palace Mitchell SD & More

At this point, getting back to the beginning. As I have said, I met some friends from Scottsbluff who now work in Norfolk. Most important, we had a great visit, reminiscing about our time in Scottsbluff. Even more, hearing about their new challenges in Norfolk. Finally, both are doing great and love it here! On the other hand, did you know Johnny Carson grew up in Norfolk? Also, Norfolk’s terrain is more “Nebraska”!

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Nebraska farm land
Out of the Sand Hills – More typical of Nebraska? Farm country

Moving on to South Dakota

Without delay, let’s move along to South Dakota. Since this post is Corn Palace Mitchell SD & More, need progress into SD. First, a stop in Yankton SD looking for a good car wash. Remember the Nebraska National Forest? (To explain, here is a link to that post.) Trying to get a couple more layers of dirt off the car.

And South Dakota is upon us!
Hey, made it to South Dakota!
Viking Fans
Bar and Grill in South Dakota – Viking fans?!?!

Speaking of the NFL, here is a link to a US map that shows the majority of fans in each US county. And, yes, the Vikings are the most popular in most of SD. There are two “oddball” counties that support the Cowboys and much of the area around the Black Hills supports the Broncos. While this was made prior to the 2018 season, allegiances may have shifted. According to another survey I read, the only team that is not the favorite in any US county is the New York Jets!

Corn Palace is here!

All of a sudden, the Corn Palace appears! And the required link to it! First, the town built the Corn Palace in the 1890s for a place to celebrate successful crops and ranching. Second, by 1905, the events and celebrations outgrew the next Corn Palace, resulting in building another new Corn Palace. Basically, neither the first nor second building were considered permanent. So by 1919, the city searches for a permanent solution. Here are some related pictures.

Corn Palace Mitchell SD & More
An old corn palace
Corn Palace Mitchell SD & More
.. and here is the world famous “Worlds Only Corn Palace”!

Most important, the Corn Palace gets a facelift every year. After design approval, different colors of corn are actually used to create the design on the building! Emphatically, real corn makes up the decorative part of the building. As a matter of fact, thirteen different colors or shades of corn make up the theme. Overall, an amazing exterior for a city of 15,000+ people on the South Dakota prairie! The Corn Palace hosts many events each year. The interior contains a multipurpose auditorium for entertainment and sports.

Corn Palace Mitchell SD & More
Corn Palace Festival for Summer 2019

Above are several events advertised. But, I’ll just provide one of them. Further, the walls of the large lobby contain many pictures of the history of the Corn Palace and of the area. Here are both an example and a supposedly funny exhibit.

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Corn Palace Mitchell SD & More
Is it really the worlds only Corn Palace? (Sorry about the “off kilter” picture. Sometimes difficult to get a straight on shot.)
Corn Palace Mitchell SD & More
Are we really corny?


The Driveby Tourist enjoyed the visit in spite of being a bit disappointed about the inside. After the displays in the lobby, it’s just a multipurpose auditorium. Not really on my bucket list but still a good attraction to see. I don’t recommend stopping unless you are already going this way.

Spent the night in Sioux Falls. Had the best burger I’ve had in probably 20 years at Sickie’s Garage Restaurant. This small chain (link) started in Fargo ND and will soon open their sixth restaurant in Omaha NE. Only had about 4 or 5 hours to drive home the next day (mostly in Minnesota) so took my time and stopped for a couple of snacks. One snack “cheated” on my low sugar diet! (And it didn’t taste all that great!)

Rock and Roll theme for Corn Palace Mitchel SD & More

Trying to stay with my Rock and Roll theme for most posts. This one challenged me a bit. So, here goes:

People are talkin’ about our problems,
some people talk but they don’t know
What’ll they do when there really is a problem?
20 years from now when the corn won’t grow

“The Corn Won’t Grow, So Rock & Roll” by Goose Creek Symphony

Goose Creek Symphony

The Goose Creek Symphony (link) from Nashville participated in the early origination of “country rock”. Of course, later Bob Dylan, The Band, the Grateful Dead, and others began to play rock ‘n roll with a country heart. Of course, not being a fan of country music, took me a while to warm to it, but depends on who’s playing. If Bob Dylan is playing it, almost anything goes! And, here is a link to many of the strange roadside attractions in America!

Another Midwestern Rock ‘n Roll Legend

Another Rock and Roll legend that comes to mind but doesn’t have specific lyrics that fit is Bob Seger. He’s from Detroit but unless you live further east than The Driveby Tourist, you don’t really think of that as Midwest! But most information I’ve seen says it is.

The Detroiter told a couple of back stories, emphasizing his Midwestern roots such as “Like a Rock” being inspired by his running high school cross-country in Michigan and recording that line about “on a highway east of Omaha” in “Turn the Page” in a studio in Oklahoma. It was impossible to argue with so many classic songs delivered by a spirited, first-rate band made up of Nashville pros and Detroit veterans, one of whom has been on tour with Seger since 1969. (Stolen from an article in the Star Tribune, the local Twin Cities newspaper after a concert in December 2018.)

Thanks for staying with me. Since the blog for this trip is now completed, looking for material for another post. I planned on a trip to the UP (Upper Peninsula of Michigan) leaving on May 12th but decided to delay into June. Need to recover from the trip described in these last posts.)

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