Day 10 – Long Road Home – Kansas City MO to HOME!

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Made it! In some ways, seems like I’ve been gone for months and in other ways, seems like I just left! Did so many different things. Tired. Just a very short post. Tomorrow, I’ll do a “by the numbers” like I’ve done on past trips when I posted on Facebook. Then working on summary and observations. 

From yesterday, filed a claim with State Farm and turned in the car. So far, so good. State Farm told me it wouldn’t cost me anything out of pocket and Enterprise didn’t ask for anything else. But Enterprise messed up my bill. Tried to charge me twice what it should have been. The branch manager said he had to work with accounting because the computer wouldn’t let him change it. (I bet we’ve all heard that before!) He “said” he would call me tomorrow…..

Again, thanks to everyone for reading my blog. That has been fun and I’m going to continue.

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