Day 13 – Holbrook AZ to Winslow AZ

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Good morning all for Day 13 – Holbrook AZ to Winslow, AZ! I backtracked about 25 miles to Petrified Forest National Park. Also home to the Painted Desert. For now, posting pictures from my cell phone only. More effort to get from Nikon to this post. The visitor center people told me it was a 4-5 hour drive to see it all and stop at the sites of interest. In “Typical Driveby Tourist” fashion, I did it in 2 hours and 15 minutes. With the weather, I think many others were in “drive-by mode” as well. It was 45 degrees when starting with winds gusting to about 50 MPH. I couldn’t hold the camera steady, even with a tripod; just too windy. Finding a brace, such as a fence or a car, helped. (I did take a couple of pictures out of the window!)

Day 13 - Holbrook AZ to Winslow AZ
Jumping ahead to my last stop of the day. It’s a highlight.

Just had this picture taken when my wife called me. “Where are you?”. “Standin’ on the corner in Winslow, Arizona.” “No, really, tell me where you are.” “I’m here, just like I told you!” Good for a laugh. Bought the obligatory T-Shirt. More on Winslow later, back to the first part of the day.

Ok, back to the beginning.

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Painted Desert on Day 13 – Holbrook AZ to Winslow AZ

Painted Desert!

These pictures are all in the Painted Desert. This is more of reds and browns area. Traveling through this area takes your breath away! I believe the Painted Desert remains more scenic than the Petrified Forest. But, make up your own mind when you visit!

Day 13 - Holbrook AZ to Winslow AZ

This shows the connection to Route 66 as the highway did run thru this park. I-40 is about 100 yards away and there isn’t a trace of ’66 except for a telephone line that runs were ’66 ran. (Didn’t think you needed to see a picture of telephone wires!)

This is a 1932 Studebaker. Did it break down here, and nobody ever moved it? Likely that it found it’s way here later. But the original Route 66 ran through here. Imagine driving through this country in the 1920s when the road first opened.

Day 13 - Holbrook AZ to Winslow AZ

More Painted Desert. More like “normal” rock colors.

Moving further. Still see the rust colors but also starting to see some blue tint. (The road is National Park drive. If you want to see more about National Parks, click here.) This park is an easy visit as it’s along Interstate 40 and the original Route 66.

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Really liked this one. Seeing different colors.

Tried to show the signs along the way. If you zoom in, you can read most of it.

Day 13 - Holbrook AZ to Winslow AZ

Hills and the terrain really are a stark beauty. 

Just beautiful! More colors.

This one shows the different textures and the color layers. I think I can bring out the colors when I get at it with Photoshop. (Or I’ll ask my granddaughter to do it! She’s a “wiz” at Photoshop.

Loved this one. Seeing some purple colors as well. Looking down at the floor of this valley. (Of course, it feels incredibly cold with the gentle breeze wafting out of the north at about 2000 miles per hour!)

Petrified Forest on Day 13 – Holbrook AZ to Winslow

In case you are wondering…  That is a petrified log. In the Petrified Forest now. That log was a tree that fell about a gazillion years ago, went underwater, and eventually turned into a type of rock. As “Water Always Wins,” it will be washed away in another gazillion years. (But who’s counting.)

Old Jackrabbit Trading Post!

Day 13 - Holbrook AZ to Winslow AZ

Well, I guess we have our giant of the day, standing beside the old Jackrabbit Trading Post. 

Ok, do we care? But it’s fun place to visit the historic trading post that’s been here since the early days of Route 66.

Winslow Arizona!

Beautifully restored La Pasada Hotel. An ornate former Harvey House, built in 1928. Fred Harvey founded the Harvey House company in 1876 to provide food and lodging at railroad stops throughout the midwest and the west. There were about 20+ Harvey Houses on Route 66. Only a few are still operating as hotels. A few as museums and office buildings. Others are “returning to nature” or have been torn down.

Day 13 - Holbrook AZ to Winslow AZ

So let’s take a closer look at the front gate leading into the hotel.

Art in the hotel

Tina Mion is a contemporary American artist. She and her husband bought and restored this former Harvey House as La Pasada hotel. They continue to own the hotel and are currently renovating a depot next door to use as a museum and art gallery. Much of her work is on display in the hotel. She uses a stark style that carries messages in a unique way.

This is the painting Tina referred to in the letter posted on the wall near her art and is shown above.

Here’s another of her art pieces with a sense of humor! The hotel is dotted with art like this.


Day 13 - Holbrook AZ to Winslow AZ

A hall leads to the hotel’s rooms in the restored building.


About the Harvey House hotels

The Fred Harvey Company recruited “Harvey Girls” to work in the hotels and restaurants. The company had very strict standards for these young women. While it seems much outdated in today’s world, many of these women went on to successful careers in other areas and credited it to their “Harvey Experience.” The job gave them an opportunity to get away from home, some for the first time, and meet people as most of the hotels were by railroads which was a predominant method of travel. To see a “whole different world,” even if it was in Winslow, AZ, or any other Harvey property. 

Day 13 - Holbrook AZ to Winslow AZ

The city of Winslow built a memorial to 9-11. The metal is from the ruins of the World Trade Center. It’s called the Remembrance Garden and is on the east end of Winslow after getting off I-40 on Old Route 66.

The dedication to the park.

Standing on the Corner on Day 13 – Holbrook AZ to Winslow

Day 13 - Holbrook AZ to Winslow AZ

Saw this in a gift shop. My wife said to be sure to put it in the blog!

Another Route 66 map in a gift shop window

Day 13 - Holbrook AZ to Winslow AZ

Route 66 and Day 13 – Holbrook AZ to Winslow Summary

Route 66 sign and “Standin’ on the Corner” Park. Great place to end the day. The people of Winslow seem to be very grateful to the Eagles for this song!

This Friday, the 13th, worked out OK! As I’m making the final entries, there are 3 minutes left, so I can’t celebrate yet! “It’s not over until it’s over.” OK, now it’s over. Until the next one comes along…

Arizona is the next to last state before ending the trip at Santa Monica pier in LA. Starting to think about what I’ve seen, what I’ve learned about America and the westward movement, how some, mostly smaller towns, have died when bypassed by the Interstate system, and others have found ways to thrive. Look for a post a day or two after this part of my trip has ended. Rest a few days and head back home on the Interstate system. It will be a shorter time, but I still have some plans to see other places. I hope you are still with me!!

Classic Rock Recollection

“Take it Easy” by Eagles

Well, I’m a standing on a corner in Winslow, Arizona
And such a fine sight to see
It’s a girl, my Lord, in a flatbed Ford
Slowin’ down to take a look at me

Written by: Jackson Browne and Glenn Frey (Statues of both of them in the picture)

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