Day 17 – Pasadena CA to Santa Monica Pier CA – End of the Road!!!

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I’m here!  On Santa Monica Pier.

Finally eating. First time all day and it’s nearly 4 PM PT. Excited to get here!

But first, a couple of places before arrival.

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Another of the iconic motels along the route. This one is in Pasadena and is extremely well kept. I stayed at a hotel next door. Right across the street from Pasadena City College.


Not on ’66 but no visit to LA is complete without at least viewing a historic sports stadium. Rose Bowl is the home of the very first and for a number of years the only college football bowl game.

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Christmas Tree Lane in Altadena, near Pasadena. A number of years ago, they really did look more like Christmas trees. Just had to see it.

That’s the Pacific!  Beach looks great. 



Got here about 1 PM and have been hanging around Santa Monica Pier since. I’ll head out for Anaheim in a couple of hours when rush hour starts to calm down. LA traffic never really calms down but it’s “less bad”?

Feels somewhat anti-climatic but exhilarating as well. Even though still have more “places to go and people see”, it’s a feeling of “completeness”. Met so many people and saw so many sights that are inspiring, serious, quirky, funny, etc. There are many people along the way who make Route 66 what it is today. Many of the places will survive into the next generation, some will not and some will transition to something else. In some situations, second and third generations of families are now taking over the places.  With Route 66 making a resurgence, this treasured road will continue to be a world wide tourist draw. There are many people from all over the world who come here to pay homage to the road that built the American West. The Mother Road, America’s Main Street, the Will Rogers Highway, 

Visited with Ian Bowen at the Route 66 presence on Santa Monica Pier.  He is a Route 66 regular and has many photographs of the Mother Road and is part of a network of dedicated people who bring life to the road. He said the network is like a “really spread out” small town! (I hope I’m saying that right!)

All of us should take our hats off to the network of people who continue to dedicate themselves to invigorating the road.


The Driveby Tourist


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  1. tom powell

    Quite a trip ‘ol pip. A very interesting look at America past and in transition. Maybe not up there with Kerouac or Steinbeck but very well done. Worth at least 3 tall,cool Kirins,

  2. Kristen Wiebe

    Checked out the Ian Bowen link. Wow, really nice pictures! Glad you posted the link!

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