Day 2 – Long Road Home – Joshua Tree CA to Death Valley CA

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Finished a quick tour of Joshua Tree National Park. Great views. Want to post more pictures but this will need to be enough for now.

Lots of big rocks in Joshua Tree NP. 

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And this  is a close up of the balancing rock. Earthquake? Or just time will bring it down? 

Which brings us to an actual Joshua Tree. Thousands of them in the park. Unusual shape due to desert survival mechanisms.

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Cholla Cactus field. Part of the park. Stay away from this one!

Broader view. More of them. They only exist in this part of the park. And if you want to see more about National Parks, click here.

Empty lake bed in CA near I-15. GPS shows a lake. Apparently hasn’t had very much (or any) in years. May have had a bit last year when it was wet here.

Iconic cafe on Old Route 66. I missed this section due to road construction on the way out. Was only on it for about 5 miles this time. Goal was north to Death Valley

California sand dune. Couldn’t find a place to take a picture without the power lines in the view!

Mountains in the distance. Much of the ride was like this.

Arrived in Death Valley just as the sun was setting. Went from sea level on Tuesday at Santa Monica Pier to sea level today (Sunday).

The drive from Joshua Tree NP to Death Valley NP was about 250 miles. Took about 3.5 hours at Joshua Tree and then the drive. No interstate. Two lane highway thru the desert. The desert with all  it’s subtle colors, the mountains in the distance and the rolling hills on the road make it very enjoyable. Loved the drive. …and I’m still not tired of this trip!

Death Valley tomorrow and into Vegas for the night. 

Short post today, even when adding yesterday’s pictures to this post and then another one for tomorrow.

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  1. Beverly Blinde

    This brings back memories of our trip to Joshua Tree last October – really a beautiful and fascinating place, and a haven for rock climbers (which we’ve “outgrown”). On the way there we had lunch in a Mexican restaurant in Barstow CA, which as I remember is on Route 66…it was close to Halloween, and they had a fun display complete with a giant tarantula.

  2. Gersld Mortenson

    Thsnk you for your effort snd commentary

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