Day 4 – Long Road Home – Las Vegas NV to Page AZ

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Mostly a travel day today. Have some pictures to post but internet connection is painfully slow again. The phone connection is so slow that it took over 3 hours to upload 5 pictures! Did get 3 pictures uploaded into the blog and have a couple more I hope to add tomorrow.

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That being said, did see some great scenery today. From around St. George UT to Page AZ, it’s a great drive. Did get some pictures but not very many places to stop. (Narrow roads, no shoulder, isolated so very few driveways/cross roads when you see a great photo op.) 

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Gotta get into some songs again:

I’m sitting in scenery station.
Got a planned date to my destination.
On a tour of one-night stays my Hyundai and suitcase in hand.
And every stop is neatly planned for a blogger and a photo man.
Homeward bound,
I think I am,
Homeward bound,

(Sorry if I messed up the song but tried to make it rhyme!) (Credit to Paul Simon for writing the song.)

While still enjoying the trip, for the first time I’m feeling like it will be good to be home. One more sight seeing destination and 2 or 3 family members to see along the way.  Still enjoying the freedom, feel like a vagabond sometimes!

Road trips are what you make them. If you like traveling by car, I highly recommend them. Thinking about reporting on road trips, mini-road trips (2-4 days and not more than 100 to 200 or so miles from home) and micro-trips (day trips worth reporting). I’m thinking it qualifies as a full road trip if you have at least one state between your home state and the state you visit. If you live in Alaska or Hawaii that definition might not apply! For other states, the “rules” may be different. If the end of this trip goes as planned, it will be 15 states! 

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Here is one I was able to get all the way from the phone to the computer and up to the blog! It’s outside St. George UT and not far from Zion National Park. (My wife wants to go there with me so saved for another trip!)

Along the road, much of the scenery is like this.

This one is near Zion. Interesting rock formations on the bluff. 

More of the subtle colors and spectacular views in Utah

Last one for the day.

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  1. Valdene Neary

    Your pictures are just awesome Stan. I was told the stripes in the side of the mountains are from the helicopters getting to close to the sides of the mountains with there blades and getting ridges cut into the sides of the mountains. Of course it was told by a helicopter pilot.

  2. jim cornelius

    when you were in Death Valley did you go thru Shoshone (A wide spot in the road) on the way to Baker? There is an exposed layer of volcanic ash from the super volcano Yellowstone . It’s between 12 to 15 feet of ash deposited 600,ooo years ago. During the Dustbowl era the “Okie’s” dug out homes in the cliffs. Stayed in one back in the 70’s 100 outside 70 inside.

    1. admin

      Did go thru there but didnt stop.

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