Day 6 – The Long Road Home – Green River UT to Greeley CO – Visit family

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On the road again.  Nearly 100 miles done. Stopped to eat in Grand Junction CO. Speed limit in Utan is 80 MPH! Now 75 in CO. About 300 miles to go. Just going to push it today. Visiting my niece, husband and two boys tonight. Good part about being The Drive By Tourist, can stop and see family or friends along the way. I know, for some of you, pesky things like getting back to work get in the way!

Today’s going to be low on pictures even though I’m in Colorful Colorado! As the end of the trip nears  🙁  I’m moving along more quickly.

Taken from the hotel this morning. I’m sure you are tired of seeing pictures of mountains!  Expect they are foot hills between the Wasatch and the Rockies. Have to do some research into that.

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Another from the hotel this morning

Along the road in Colorado east of Grand Junction but still west of Denver. Snow in the peaks

Now in the passes over the Rockies. Now I see snow below me and nearly every place I look.

But nothing on the road! This one is just east of the pass that tops out a just over 10,000 feet. Within a few more miles, hit the highest elevation of the interstate system. Over 11,000 feet and located about 55 miles west of Denver. I-70 running thru the Rocky Mountains is called an engineering marvel because of the elevation of the mountains and the miles thru Glenwood Canyon where it runs along the Colorado River. For part  of it, the west-bound lanes are elevated above the east-bound lanes. Looking almost precarious thru that section. This section was finally completed in 1992. 

Had a great visit with my niece. Her and her husband and their 2 boys live in Greeley. Haven’t seen them in almost 3 years. Hope next time isn’t that far away. Thanks for having me over, Jen and Derek!

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Even returning from the Route 66, have seen some great scenery and seen this engineering marvel. Certainly was a Rocky Mountain High day (tip of the hat to John Denver), a “groaner” to some of you! Of course, it wasn’t Eight Miles High (Byrds). ???

Tomorrow, Kansas. Am I going to have “Dust in the Wind”?

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  1. Beverly Blinde

    Hope you enjoyed the drive along Glenweed Canyon – one of our favorite drives and camping areas from past kayaking trips. (we were on in during construction). The hot springs in Glenwood Springs is great to soak in, there is an awesome therapeutic massage place built over some caves used since ancient times by the Indians, and a specular hike at an unmarked pull-off along the highway. Just a few tidbits from our travels ….

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