Day 7 – Long Road Home – Greeley CO to Scott City KS – Visit Dorothy and Toto

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Really am nearing the end. No more mountains. For a number of days, you have been seeing scenes like this:

Will now be seeing a lot more scenes like this!

Getting into the high plains of eastern Colorado. Probably doesn’t look like anyone’s stereotypical idea of Colorado.

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Expect to see other family members tonight and maybe stay 2 nights. JeNell’s sister and her husband. Need another day to unwind before making the final push home. Certainly racking up a lot of miles.

Made it here and looking forward to some sleep. Had a great visit with them tonight. Just finishing up and I’m off to bed as well.

Referring back to picture above…

…  and more scenes like this one!

Found more nostalgia here in Kansas. The CEO of the local hospital collects historical motoring memorabilia and displays it. (Met him when I coincidentally did some work here for that hospital.)

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An old Texaco station complete with prices from the 1960’s. Restored. He owns it all and did the restoring, some with his own hands.

 …and another Texaco station nearby. Really in a residential neighborhood.

Thinking about how to summarize the trip, how to explain what it means and to encourage others to take this trip or put it or something similar on their “bucket list”. Of course, if you hate driving, probably not for you.

Did some updates above and am finishing for the evening. Back on Central time so not as late this time. 

Will do some summarizing tomorrow or Sunday. Will be home Monday and then need to let it sink in and think about what all of this trip really means to me and to others. It’s been an amazing trip with so many different experiences.