Day 8 – Long Road Home – Scott City KS to Scott City KS – Visiting family

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Spending a quiet day with Nancy and Scott. Just relaxing and getting ready for the last push going home. I have done this ride in one day but it’s about 850 miles so won’t do that tomorrow. Going to Kansas City by the airport. My brother in law insisted on using some of his points to book me into the Sheraton at MCI! Found a good deal for 3,000 points. So I guess I owe him!

So home Monday, will have been gone for one month. Left March 31st and home on April 30th. Don’t have a lot to say but just thought I’d post again to make sure you know i’m still on the trip!  Spending the day in Western Kansas and not seeing Dorothy or Toto. Maybe next trip. 

Still trying to “digest” all of this trip. It’s been great and it’s hard to point out a highlight. There have been “serious” highlights, “kitschy” highlights and funny highlights. I’m still amazed about the “Route 66 Heros” that I wrote about last week when I was in LA. When I get back, I’m going to do a “by the numbers” post. Those who read my Facebook posts from other trips may remember that. I’ll also do a narrative about the full trip on generally what it was like and some of the “take aways” I’ve had from the trip.

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For the future of this blog, here are my thoughts:

  • Some research into other road trips along with my thoughts (trips I may or may not take)
  • Research and/or thoughts about trips that aren’t road trips
  • Posts of trips I’ve done. I have the information from several of them
  • Requests for information on trips that I get requests to do
  • General information related to trips
  • Thinking about doing some research on how to do a road trip to hit all lower 48 states in the fewest miles. (I know anything I come up with could be improved but would be fun to do and fun to hear comments)

Will some of you give me feedback on things you’d like to see in a travel blog? 

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  1. admin

    Been on a small part of it. Would really like to see again. Beautiful!

  2. Gen Poehls

    Have you done a trip about the Appalachian Trail. There is so much history there and Its on my bucket list.

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