Day 9 – Long Road Home – Scott City KS to Kansas City MO

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Got in earlier than expected. Nice room, thanks Scott!  Everything going along uneventfully when something fell off a trailer just ahead of me. I was in the left lane, the pickup with the trailer ahead. I was passing a car beside me and another car was behind me in my lane trying to pass as well. Moved over as far as I thought I could to not hit the car beside and hit what turned out to be a mattress. Nobody stopped, included me. Car seemed to be fine, just felt like hitting something in the road.  About 60 miles down the road (I-70) I made a stop and noticed that the mattress had ripped the lower front bumper loose. All the lights worked, not marks on the tire, no unusual way the car drove. See what happens when I turn the car back to Enterprise. The credit card I used said they provide coverage for any accident and State Farm said they cover as well. 

Learned a GPS lesson on the trip as well. Initially along the more isolated parts of Route 66 and then along other roads, often don’t have a GPS signal. I did expect that and knew which road I was taking. Especially in Death Valley and along some of the less traveled highways I used. Don’t count on the GPS!

I often use Waze because it tells me the speed limit if I missed the sign and gives warnings like police ahead, car on shoulder or obstructions in the road. Didn’t expect that the miles and directions wouldn’t work on the Interstate system. Not that it’s a big deal but Waze and Google Maps showed arrival times about 25 minutes apart for the same destination. Waze was losing the signal and then recalculating and eventually matched Google. Don’t know if it’s the app or my phone. Again, this isn’t a big deal but just another lesson to not fully depend on a GPS.

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Just doing a quick post tonight. Will follow up tomorrow with the ending of the trip and then with summaries.

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