Daytona Beach Orlando & Alligators

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Visiting Daytona Beach Orlando in February 2019

Florida trip to visit friends. Daytona Beach Orlando became the destination for the warm weather. Above all, we went to Daytona Beach and met up with a Navy friend. As a result, we found a great place to eat on the first day.  In contrast to this post, here is a link to the last post regarding The Driveby Tourist coming off hiatus. (Watch out for the alligator!)

Daytona Beach Orlando
Daytona Beach from the hotel

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Day 1 Daytona Beach

We had a great lunch at the Hidden Treasure Rum Bar & Grill.  First of all, the food was great. Similarly, watching the pelicans and other birds was an experience as well. Following lunch, we visited the Ponce de Leon Lighthouse.

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Hidden Treasure Rum Bar & Grill
Hidden Treasure Rum Bar & Grill
Ponce de Leon Lighthouse
Ponce de Leon Lighthouse

Daytona Beach Museum of Arts and Sciences

Birthplace of the Coca Cola bottle
Birthplace of the Coca Cola bottle
Honeymoon Car
Known as the Honeymoon car for the Founder, the Root Glass Company who held a patent on the design

The Root company was the designer of the Coca-Cola bottle. They continued a relationship with Coca Cola which is still going strong. Because of their headquarters being here in Daytona Beach, this part of the museum is about the family and the company. A good place to visit if you are in the area.

Coca Cola Delivery truck
Early delivery truck for Coca Cola

Finally, this is an early delivery truck for Coca-Cola owned by the Root Company. Consequently, they are prominently featured in the museum in Daytona Beach. The designers of the bottle were members of the Root Glass company.

The Daytona Beach museum is a very eclectic collection. So, there are glass collections of Chinese glassworks, a display of Katherine Hepburn, and the Root Glass Company, among other displays. (Watch out for the alligator!)

Day 2 St. Augustine

Ponce de Leon
Flagler College occupies what once was the Ponce de Leon hotel.
Daytona Beach Orlando
Former Ponce de Leon entrance with an ornate fountain

Flagler College was formed in 1968 and started as a women’s college. Later in the 1970s, men were admitted as well. This unique campus includes the former Ponce de Leon hotel. Here is a link to the college website.

Daytona Beach Orlando
Former home of the governor of the original area of St. Augustine. (I couldn’t convince the St. Augustine police to stop traffic so I could take a picture.)
Daytona Beach Orlando
Fort Matanzas was built in 1742 to protect the Spanish settlements in Florida.

The fort is open to visitors daily. This link shows much more than just this picture. (Watch out for the alligator!)

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Orlando – Watch out for the Alligator!

Daytona Beach Orlando
Watch out for the Alligator! And watch out for the alligator in the lake.

We didn’t see much in Orlando. Because we spent time with our friends there. Watched the Super Bowl, visited, went out on the lake, and went out for a good meal. Consequently, we had a great time!

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    Glad to see you’re off hiatus – and traveling South in February. This looks like an interesting place; we’ve been to FL several times, but never to Daytona.

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