Drive by tourist hiatus

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Drive by tourist hiatus

I’m taking some time to concentrate on other areas of writing and blogging during the Drive by Tourist hiatus. Found a free course that I believe will help me to write better copy. Also found another course for a small fee that will help as well. Just makes it look like The Driveby Tourist hiatus. Not completely, but certainly slowing down for now. (I wrote this post during my “early blogging career” and updated it a few times.

Want to see a picture of a trip that I never did do a post?

Driveby Tourist Hiatus
Antelope Canyon AZ


Washingon DC Mount Vernon and night tour

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Washington DC Preparation (Link)

Minneapolis Super Bowl February 2018 (link)

North Shore Camping (Lake Superior) (link)

The northern end of Great River Road (link)

By the way, here’s a link to Antelope Canyon.

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Here’s a plan from “early blogging!:

  1. Clean up areas of the blog itself, especially the home page, and learn how to make blog posts more appealing. I already have a list of a dozen topics I need to learn. (Continuing!)
  2. Plan my methods for continuing the blog
  3. Complete the courses over several months and more courses done over time.
  4. Look into other writing work to improve my blogging
  5. Plan future blogs that revolve around travel and those that will be interesting and attractive to fill the “gaps”
  6. I may also write a short e-book about my Route 66 trip. Emphasis on “may”!
  7. Still need to edit and print a Route 66 photo book as well (That’s for myself. I won’t bore you with my vacation pictures!) (Link to Day 1 of R66)
  8. Want to get back into including classic rock songs as I’m reminded of them and ensure I keep up the light-hearted nature, except for certain posts that don’t work that way.

I did some of these several times, and some I’ve still got “on my list.”

Future blogs after a Drive by tourist hiatus:

  1. Short trip to a Bob Seger concert in Des Moines the week after Thanksgiving
  2. Scheduled trip to Florida on January 31st.
  3. Scheduled trip to CA leaving on February 26th for 8 days
  4. Potential trip to Denver in late spring/early summer
  5. Ultimate Road Trip! Others have published them, so it’s my turn.  Will plan a road trip to go to all of the lower 48 states. My trip will include an equal number of stops in each state. Likely including a state or national park and maybe state capitals. And to do the trip in the fewest miles possible as well. I don’t plan to take the trip myself, or at least not all at once but will be fun to plan it and I hope you will enjoy it as well!
  6. Believe a road trip to Hawaii would not be successful. (My car is prone to flooding!)
  7. Short trips planned or spur of the moment. For example, would like to spend a few days in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan along Lake Michigan. It’s about a day’s drive so……

Currently planning to send links to past blogs occasionally over the next two months as well as an occasional new post. And if you want to jump ahead, here is a link to the announcement, the hiatus is over! And the Drive by tourist hiatus may happen more often! Sometimes without warning.

If anyone has suggestions, I would really like to read them!

And who said retirement had to be boring! Of course, that means sometimes Drive by tourist hiatus has to happen!

Classic Rock Recollection

“Take it Easy” by Eagles

Take It easy, take it easy
Don’t let the sound of your own wheels drive you crazy
Lighten up while you still can…

Written by Jackson Browne and Glen Frey