Drive Through Iowa Nebraska

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Drive Through Iowa Nebraska

The Driveby Tourist needs to drive from Minneapolis to Denver. Therefore, that means a Drive Through Iowa Nebraska. Consequently, found a list of most and least visited states for tourism. Here is a link to the site. Because, using this methodology to rank the states, the list ends at 49. In two instances, two states ended up tied. The inclusion of Washington DC brings the number to 49. As a result, Nebraska is 49th and Iowa in 47th. Should be a challenge to find much interesting. The Driveby Tourist will ferret out a few sites and make a blog post. Seems like, much of the Interstate system isn’t very exciting, driving along I-35 and I-80 in the midwest is doubly so.

Looking ahead

Here are some links to attractions and other places you will see from the Drive Through Iowa Nebraska. For example, a Link to Corn Palace in Mitchell SD. Also, a link to leaving Colorado and into Nebraska. As well as, a link to travels around Denver.

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Drive Through Iowa Nebraska


Here is a link to a blog post about a visit to Iowa in 2018. Finally, just to show there is something there! Once in Colorado, it’s a different story. Colorado ranks 5th most likely state to visit. However, if driving, that’s a challenge because of the routes needed to get there. Will likely be in Denver for 10 days to two weeks. I’m visiting a family member recovering from a physical illness. Not likely to see many sites but will do what works. Below are a couple of pictures from Iowa.

Drive Through Iowa Nebraska
At Least Iowa in Welcoming!
Drive Through Iowa Nebraska
How do you think of Iowa without thinking of corn!??!

Seems like I’m missing a late season snow storm by leaving Minnesota on Tuesday, April 9th. Certainly, expect to post each day. Hence, I hope you visit the blog again to see what I find. I do expect to take a different route back and will likely drive through a part of South Dakota as well. (SD is number 34 on the list.) After all, the Black Hills are there with such things as Mount Rushmore and the Custer Memorial, as well as great scenery and other attractions.

Drive through Iowa Nebraska

Traveling on long, straight road

Ok, looking for a rock song to go with this trip. How about this?

“Time passes and you must move on,
Half the distance takes you twice as long
So you keep on singing for the sake of the song
After the thrill is gone”

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Eagles “After the Thrill is Gone”. Probably, not the best example but doesn’t seem thrilling to drive I-35 and I-80 across Nebraska. And if you want to go quickly to the next post, here is a Link to some Surprising Iowa attractions.

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  1. Beverly Blinde

    Having grown up in Nebraska, I know very well that the stretch of I-80 through the southern part of the state is flat and boring – unless you’re on the Platte River when the Canadian Geese are migrating. The northern part of the state is much more scenic – with wide open spaces.

    Good planning to miss the blizzard in the northwest part of the state! And I hope you don’t run into snow on the way to Denver- it’s still winter in the mountains. Hope all goes well with your Denver relative!

    1. admin

      Got stuck in Kearney a second night. I-80 closed. I-70 closed in Kansas as well. Left Kearney at 7:40 this morning and got here at 3:15. Did take some time to see a few more things. Another post coming up soon!

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