Dunn Brothers Eat Street

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A coffee shop that doesn’t act like a chain! Dunn Brothers Eat Street is part of a small Minnesota based chain. However, the chain gives franchisee’s the opportunity to be individual. The shops fit into their location and individual plans. Ideal for a coffee shop on Eat Street. Dunn Brother’s has 75 locations in eight states. And over 50 of them are in Minnesota.

Dunn Brothers Eat Street

Typical for Eat Street, Dunn Brothers outfits their shops to fit the neighborhood. The Driveby Tourist debates whether to create a separate post for each place visited on Eat Street. While Dunn Brothers coffee was a good place to visit, one can only talk about coffee shops for a limited amount of time. Finally, here is more information about the Dunn Brothers ratings. (August 2020, having linking problems to Dunn Brothers site, so included a link to a rating of it.) Finally, a link to the introduction of Eat Street.

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Another picture showing the interior of the shop. As mentioned above, many of the Dunn Brothers shops have a different layout and offer a different menu.

If you do get to this neighborhood, it’s a good place to stop. Even if you don’t drink coffee. I can’t attest to the coffee as I don’t drink it, but their hot chocolate is very good.

Even though I said I wouldn’t include a post of chain restaurants, I’m making an exception here because it is on Eat Street and because the chain encourages the franchisees to fit their neighborhood. Here is another article on Dunn Brothers. I also found articles about how they manage their franchisees and give them freedom regarding store design and some of the menu options.

And an introductory post on Everything Twin Cities.

So, that’s all for this short post. Don’t think I’ll do another coffee shop unless it is fully independent and truly unique! Or include it in a group of smaller places. But I’ll try to keep Eat Street “pure”!

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“Another Cup of Coffee” by Bob Dylan

But I don’t sense affection
No gratitude or love
Your loyalty is not to me
But to the stars above

One more cup of coffee for the road
One more cup of coffee ‘fore I go
To the valley below

Written by: Bob Dylan
When in doubt, turn to Bob Dylan (even for Dunn Brothers!)