Eat Street Minneapolis Anchor

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Eat Street! As a matter of fact, it’s a name for an eight to 14-block section of Nicollet Avenue and some intersecting streets. Many of the restaurants are in a 5 block area south of 24th Street, but they really start when leaving downtown Minneapolis, around 14th Street. Although the number changes frequently, there are over 40 eating and coffee places here. And The Driveby Tourist calls this post the Eat Street Minneapolis Anchor as an overview. Additionally, posts will be added about individual restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries, etc. on Eat Street.

Eat Street
Of course, they are German!

Black Forest Inn – Eat Street Original

Interestingly, or maybe not so much since many of the original settlers in the Twin Cities were northern Europeans, this was the first restaurant on what would become Eat Street. After all, the Black Forest Inn (link) opened on May 15th, 1965. Oh, yes, here’s a link to a more complete post on the Black Forest Inn. The Inn remains a mainstay on Eat Street Minneapolis Anchor. It’s the “anchor” restaurant and the Anchor to my post! And, continuing a theme started with the Aquatennial Fireworks post (link), it’s about Everything Twin Cities!

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Restaurants of many ethnicities appear on Eat Street. For example, Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese, Mediterranian, Caribbean, and North American. And very few chains. Unfortunately, the only major chain is “McDonald’s?!?!” There is a Dunn Brother’s coffee shop but there are less than 100 stores in that chain. I’ll write about others but will keep away from chain restaurants. Certainly, I don’t think you want to read about a McDonald’s!

Examples of places on Eat Street

Eat Street
Just an introduction!

Specifically, this photo is only to show how the layout is so varied with many small eat street restaurants and a few large ones.

Vietnamese on Eat Street

And, there’s gotta be a Vietnamese restaurant on Eat Street! Even if I haven’t tried it yet, looking forward to it.

Jamaican on Nicollet

For example, don’t think I’ve eaten Jamaican, but am looking forward to this one as well!

More Eat Street
From the Med!

Equally important, I will try the Mediterranean food.

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The Bad Waitress
Interesting name

Then again, I hope their name isn’t true! Probably a good thing it isn’t an Eat Street Minneapolis Anchor!

Even the local businesses……

Eat Street Dental
Can you believe this!?!?

And then we have Eat Street Dental! Without a doubt, everyone is into Eat Street here!

Whether you are a visitor, a newcomer or a long-time resident, Eat Street is where it’s happening!

Let’s do a series of links to Eat Street locations:
Black Forest Inn
Slice of New York
Pimento Jamaican Kitchen Mpls
Dunn Brothers Eat Street
Eat Street Wedge Minneapolis
Glam Doll Donuts Minneapolis
Eat Street Zettas Minneapolis
Harry Singh’s Caribbean Food
The Copper Hen Cakery & Kitchen
The Bad Waitress

And an introductory post on Everything Twin Cities.

Classic Rock Recollection

With this in mind, I believe the song speaks for itself, especially for Eat Street!

“Maximum Consumption” by The Kinks

I’ll have some clam chowder, followed by beef steak on rye
Pumpkin pie, whipped cream and coffee
I wanna green salad on the side
Don’t forget the french fries
Pizza pie, garlic and anchovy
I keep burning up calories as fast as I keep putting them down
Eat food, put it in my mouth
Chew it up, swallow it down
I’ll have two eggs, over light, home made apple pie
Cole slaw as a side order
I gotta stay fit, stay alive, eat food to sustain a non-stop high-grade performer
The pace is continual, sure keeps running me down
Don’t you know that you gotta eat food
Don’t you know that you gotta refuel “

Written by Ray Davies

Here is a link to the first restaurant post on Eat Street.

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