Eat Street Zettas Minneapolis

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Zettas first appeared on Eat Street in January 2019. Zettas drew rave reviews but changed their name to Yeah Yeah tacos in March of 2022. According to their website, they operated both businesses for a while, and Yeah Yeah proved to be more successful! I haven’t visited it since then. Serving a menu including vegetarian options and organic food, Eat Street Zettas Minneapolis appeals to all. Although most of their clientele lives or works in the area, they do attract visitors to Minneapolis or “Twin Citians” to Eat Street. THIS RESTAURANT HAS CLOSED.

Entrance to Zettas

And here it is! Zettas is a small place with about 260 square feet. Surprisingly, the small footprint feels kind of roomy. Counter space built into the wall and stools for sitting make it cozy. As a matter of fact, on good weather days, and we don’t get enough of those in Minneapolis, we can sit on the patio and enjoy the urban ambiance as well as the weather. Compared to the inside pictures, I believe the view above gives a better idea of the vibe of the place.

Zettas Unique Menu

Background Zettas

First, I will need to provide some background to Eat Street Zettas Minneapolis. Also, I’m doing a series of posts on Eat Street in particular and overall on “Everything Twin Cities”. As I said earlier, the establishment opened in January 2019. Zettas concept originated from the three owners.

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One of the owners said, “It’s vaguely Italian because we’re vaguely Italian,” who lived in Italy for five years. He grew up in the neighborhood and wanted to bring back some of the older Eat Street feel. In essence, it’s a great place to eat: lunch, dinner or a snack! And that’s the way it is for Zettas.

Classic Rock Recollection

“Eat the Menu” by The Sugarcubes

I’ve got to eat something
Otherwise, I’ll just die
But the choice is too great
I can’t decide what to eat
I’ll possibly just eat the menu?

Written by Bjork Gudmundsdottir, Einar Benediktsson, Bragi Olafsson, Sigtryggur Baldursson, Thor Eldon Jonsson and Margret Oernolfsdottir

I said earlier it would be difficult to find lyrics that fit! Especially for Zettas.

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