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How about knowing everything about the Twin Cities attractions, events, eating places, and more? Everything Twin Cities MN becomes such a huge topic that no one (no matter how hard I try!!) can do it justice in one place. However, The Driveby Tourist begins to “driveby” or “walk by” many attractions in many categories. Maybe I’ll get lots of them in here, …..eventually. So, doesn’t matter how often you view this post and the Everything Twin Cities MN category in general, it will always be a work in progress. I know you would love to see a place that incorporates nearly everything. Given that, some future posts will include a quick preview of a larger number of attractions, events, eating places, and more with links to the places within one post. For example, I may do “downtown restaurants”. And, yes, I will include both Minneapolis and St. Paul as well as suburbs.

Minneapolis skyline
Minneapolis Sculpture Garden – Skyline in the background

Downtown Minneapolis in the background. But, the focus is the Cherry and Spoon Sculpture. The sculpture anchors the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden (link) and the Cherry and Spoon create a great introduction to Everything Twin Cities MN. I saw this sculpture listed as a “weird” attraction. Why would they think that?!?!

St. Paul Skyline looking west

Here is a view of St. Paul looking west from the Indian Mounds park along the Mississippi River. I want to include either another view or substitute a different view taken from another angle and on a sunny day. This one doesn’t do St. Paul justice but since I have Minneapolis, I need to include St. Paul as well!

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Everything Twin Cities MN

Whether you are a “local” or a visitor, many ideas and locations appear to provide you with things to do. Perhaps you are local and want to see or do something that you haven’t seen or even considered before? Or maybe you are here for a visit. And you want to find a local restaurant, especially one that is unique to the Twin Cities. As time goes by, I will provide more to choose from. In the meantime, here is a link to the first Twin Cities post.

Everything twin cities MN
Minneapolis Skyline

To illustrate, this is a broader view of the Minneapolis Downtown skyline. The Spoon and Cherry sculpture barely visible. Equally as important, I’ll get comments about “Where is downtown St. Paul skyline?”. Consequently, I’ll handle that later, probably adding pictures to this post but also in other posts. After all, how can I call it Twin Cities without St. Paul?

While the list below provides many links, the Minnesota State Fair deserves a special link here!

This list (below) contains the major categories to attractions, events, eating places, museums and more. I’ll be adding more categories as well as more posts. And if you don’t see a category or an attraction, please contact me here. I’m always looking for more topics to review!

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Classic Rock Recollection

“I get around” by The Beach Boys

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My buddies and me are getting real well known
Yeah, the bad guys know us and they leave us alone

I get around (get around round round I get around)

Written by: Brian Wilson / Michael Love

So, does that match Everything Twin Cities MN?
Of course, a link to the first post on this topic

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