Fargo toward Great River Road – Day 4

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Headed out to Great River Road

Fargo toward Great River Road

Fargo toward Great River Road. On my way in the AM. Didn’t stop until Itasca State Park. After checking the map and buying new park sticker, headed toward Mississippi headwaters. As usual, lots of people who make taking pictures less than ideal. But you go with what you got!

Fargo toward Great River Road
Begin the Great River Road part of the trip. Over time, the river gets shorter with rerouting (both natural and man-made). Now it’s not much more than 2400 miles.
Mississippi Source
This is the actual source. The rock bridge defines the line between Lake Itasca and the Mississippi River.

Link to Day 11 Great River Road to show picture of picture

Mississippi River Headwaters
Just a few feet away to illustrate the depth of the river at this point.
Mississippi Headwaters
Another view of Lake Itasca and the forming of the Mississippi River
Mississippi Headwaters
Taken from a footbridge about 20 yards downstream from the source.

Traveling on the Great River Road

Great River Road
Beginning of the Great River Road just about 300 yards from the source
Mississippi River
About 5 miles downstream, it’s still a small river.
Mississippi River Northern Minnesota
From one bridge to another bridge looking up river.
Mississippi River up north
Mississippi River a number of miles downstream
Large fish statue
Roadside convenience store. At least they don’t claim to be another “largest fish” story! I tried to take a picture of myself between the jaws but a “selfie” didn’t work and there wasn’t anyone around to take it.

International Falls

Welcome to International Falls! The city claims to be “The Icebox of the Nation”. Other cities have claimed it as well but International Falls has fought off all comers!

International Falls link

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Father Hennepin
A story about the early French Canadian fur traders and explorers. Many of the early explorers of Northern Minnesota were French Canadian and some of them were Catholic priests. Among them was Father Hennepin. He has a state park, the largest county in Minnesota, a street in Minneapolis and many other geographical locations named for him.
Smokey Bear
International Falls. Smokey Bear. Forest fires are a very real threat here with so much timber and not many people around to fight the fires.
Smokey Bear Statue
International Falls says they have the largest statue of Smokey Bear in the US.
Fort Frances Ontario
Thought there would be more pictures of “Welcome to Canada” but this is the only one I saw and that was while I’m waiting in line to clear customs.

Ending the day in Fort Frances ON. Had a great meal at a local diner. View of Rainy Lake and the smell of the paper mill! On to another day tomorrow! Here is a link to look back on the previous post.

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