Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs
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All Fifty States Club is really a “thing?”

Did you know there is a “club” called the All Fifty States club? Here’s the link to the club website. I am a member, and my name is on their website! If you’ve visited all 50, or if you’ve visited at least 35 and strive to visit all 50, you can join it also. And group members argue about the rules. The simplest is having touched the ground and breathed the air. But many also suggest either an overnight stay or a “significant activity” in the state. One person even suggested four days as the minimum for it to count! Some count changing planes or even just a stop at an airport. But it’s the honor system, so make your own rules. Flying over does not count! By anyone’s rules that I’ve heard!

The most common 50th states for those who undertake the feat? Alaska, Hawaii, and North Dakota! My 50th? New York in 1987!

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Classic Rock – Reason to include?

Why not? I like Classic Rock and want to pick intriguing, interesting, or funny lyrics. And it’s my blog! I can create interest by finding song lyrics that tie into the post. (Kind of like, It’s my ball, and I’ll pick it up and go home!!)

Do you ever remove a post?

I haven’t yet, but I may, as there are a couple of posts that are too small or outdated. However, I will likely add some relevant information as most posts have links from other posts or contain links to other posts. There are many things to consider when removing a post, much like moving walls in a building. Or support columns, etc.

Do you have an “other” or “miscellaneous” category?

Yes, I have a “News” category, which is various information that doesn’t fit other places. I also have a “General” category.

Fly to a destination on a road trip?

Yes, but it typically depends on what you do at the destination. If you get around (even with public transportation, friends, and family), it “counts” as a road trip. (And I’m the authority on road trips!!)

Have you driven in all 50 states?

I’ve visited all 50 at least once and 49 of them at least twice. I’ve spent at least one night in every state except Hawaii. I was in Hawaii for a fueling stop in the Navy, and we got off the plane and put our feet on Hawaiian dirt! I’m scheduled for a Hawaii trip in January 2023. I’ll try to remember to update this when I make the trip. Yes, I have driven in 49 states, including Alaska. (I didn’t drive to Alaska, but I wish I had!)

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How about going to the lake?

In “lake” states, this might be a road trip if the travelers stop to see new sights and attractions along the way or during their visit.

How about going to the ocean?

See above!

How many states does the average American visit?

According to research, about 10 to 12. And about 10% of people have never been outside the state where they were born! However, about 1% have been in all 50 states! (I never thought I’d be a 1%er!)

Is visiting every county in the US a “thing”?

Yes, a group called The Extra Miler Club tracks all 3,143 “county equivalents.” (Louisiana calls them parishes, and Alaska calls them boroughs.) Alaska also has some non-designated areas called “Census Areas” by the US Census Bureau. Alaska also refers to the Census Areas collectively as Unorganized Borough.

National Parks Included in Road Trips?

Should National Parks be included in Road Trips? Of course! They are one of the primary reasons for people to take road trips!

Quirky locations

Anything strange, odd, unusual, etc., that travelers stop to see on a road trip. Some may be downright strange, while others may be more “normal,” but some think the location or the object viewed is quirky.

Quirky means what?

Here’s a link to Merriam-Webster’s definition of quirky!

Places that are the longest drive you can make in the US?

Actually, for this one, you must go through Canada as well. Key West, FL, to Dead Horse, Prudhoe Bay, AK, is 5,485 miles. And Google Maps says you can drive it in 91 hours! Of course, you must change drivers and fill with gas “on the fly!” But, it means 91 hours at the wheel, and I’m sure you will have detours, storm delays, traffic issues, etc. when traveling that far!

Which Classic American Road Trips Should I consider?

These typically include Route 66, the Pacific Coast Highway, the Great River Road, and others. For a list of 12 of them, follow this link. Others may include the Keys Highway in the Florida Keys and the Natchez Trace in Mississippi, Alabama, and Tennessee.

What do you call a Road Trip?

  • Micro Road Trip – Single day or brief overnight
  • Mini Road Trip – At least two nights, like a long weekend
  • Regular road trip – Really should be gone for a week

Why did you do all 26 Eastern states in one long road trip?

Because it was there? Because I felt like it? Or just because…. Ok, I wanted to see state capitals, national parks, presidential locations, and quirky attractions. And I had set a challenge to myself in 2014 to revisit all 50 states after January 1, 2014. I visited 8 states I had not been in since January 2014.

Why have you included posts that aren’t really about road trips?

Because it’s my blog, and I can do what I want!!! Actually, most of them are writing about places that readers may wish to visit or know more about to plan a visit. Others are of general interest for other reasons. A couple of them are personal that I wanted to share. For example, I include a memorial post for my two brothers, who both passed in 2020.

Why would you be a Driveby Tourist?

I don’t know, why would you? If you are like me (heaven forbid!), you like to get out, drive, and take in attractions a bit at a time. On a road trip, there’s nothing wrong with focusing on “quantity over quality” as “Quality,” like “Beauty,” is in the eye of the beholder!