Future posts to Love!

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Here’s to reading about plans for posts. Not all of them will happen soon, and a few may “fall off the edge of the world!” (No, I’m not a “flat-earther.” It’s just a saying.) So, keep reading for an update on future posts coming your way (sooner or later!) Of course, please continue reading here to read about future posts to love!

Bryce Canyon - Future Posts to Love
Bryce Canyon National Park

I thought you might like to know my plans for posts. Or my potential posts while I work on more of them. Please make comments about posts you’d like to see. Of course, suggest any changes in the priority you’d like to see. So you’ll find a list of Future Posts to love! Or not! And here’s a link to the cornerstone of my set of posts currently “under construction.

While I’m planning more posts and continue to write currently planned ones, I do look for fellow travel bloggers. Here’s a link to a gentlemen’s post about traveling the world. I met him at TBEX in April; since then, he has continued adding countries. To see how many, click on this link. I’ve enjoyed following him and reading about his adventures. While traveling the world sounds good for some people, I’m content to see more and more of the US! So read on to find plans for Future Posts to Love!

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Future Post to Love!

  • Remaining posts about the “26 States in 26(x2) Days” (Nearly 50 more posts to go!)
  • 100+ Reasons to Love Minnesota (About 10 to 12 sub-posts)
  • National Parks trip to Utah in 2022 (Just a few posts around the Cornerstone post)
  • Boston and Maine and points in between (Undecided how much to write)
  • More posts about “Everything Twin Cities” (This will be ongoing as the number of potential posts is enormous!)
  • The south end of the Great River Road (from Natchez, MS, to the Gulf of Mexico)
  • Pacific Coast Highway + (Add a few national parks and other places close by) (Fifteen or so posts?)
  • Presidential Museums, National Parks, and general sight-seeing in Arkansas, Texas, and New Mexico
  • Additional Presidential Museums (More are part of the “26 States in 26(x2) Days,” and I’ve seen a couple of others still to write about.
  • Asheville and the Outer Banks in North Carolina
  • And……

Classic Rock Recollection

“Running on Empty” by Jackson Browne

Looking out at the road rushing under my wheels
Looking back at the years gone by like so many summer fields
’65, I was 17 and running up 101
I don’t know where I’m running now, I’m just running on

Running on (running on empty)
Running on (running blind)
Running on (running into the sun)
But I’m running behind

Written by: Jackson Browne