Gotta love the National Cathedral!

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Take in Washington, DC, any time of the year. After all, Gotta love the National Cathedral among all the other places to see! On my Eastern States road trip, I only stopped here, but you’ll find links to another visit to the capital city. There’s so much history here, and museums are free or cheap. Whether covering many states or just visiting here, continue for more visitor info.

Gotta love the National Cathedral - see the picture here.
Washington National Cathedral

Washington National Cathedral

The National Cathedral hosts many events related to life in Washington, DC. However, due to COVID still being a “deal,” I wasn’t able to see inside. The outside view is breathtaking! This post ensures readers see that I’ve visited all 26 states east of the Mississippi River, including Washington, DC!

I hadn’t seen this place before and wanted to see something in DC!  I’ve been there several times over the years, so I don’t need to take any time off this trip. I didn’t realize how close the Naval Observatory was to the cathedral. I’ve been there before. The Navy does coordinate some celestial observing, but metropolitan areas have too much light to be very effective for observing.

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The home on the grounds is the official home of the United States Vice President.

There is more to see than “Gotta Love the National Cathedral.”

Here’s more. Links to other posts describe sightseeing in Washington, D.C. My wife and I visited here a few years ago.

Day 1 – Visiting Washington DC

Here’s a view of a typical day of sightseeing in the Nation’s Capital! Click or tap the link to decide whether to follow this path or follow more links to other spots. Read on to find out more about the White House, the African-American Museum, and the Air and Space Museum.

Visit Washington DC - See the Air & Space museum display of planes landing quickly on September 11, 2001.
Land the planes quickly – 9/11

An interesting video display at the Air & Space Museum showed the landing of all commercial aircraft in the US on 9/11/2001. A terrible day in American History. See the Air and Space Museum by following this link.

Visit the US Capital Building

Much of another day went to the Visit the US Capitol and “general running around!” The capital is a historical and fascinating place to visit. In addition to the US House and Senate meeting rooms and locations, many historical displays present themselves for your viewing pleasure. Follow this link for more history.

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View the US Capital

Following that visit, we moved on to more of DC. There’s seemingly no end to the places to visit in the nation’s Capital. Enjoy yourself while visiting Washington DC.

More museums and the International Spy Museum

Visit Washington DC and the International Spy Museum

After visiting more Smithsonian, my wife and I visited the International Spy Museum and the News Media Museum. The International Spy Museum is billed as a quirky location, and parts of it do come across the way. However, with a part dedicated to movie and TV spies, much of it goes to real historical intelligence gathering with some interesting people involved in the war efforts. Since that visit, the International Spy Museum has relocated to new, larger spaces. Here’s the link to their website.

And here’s the link to the post about our visit.

Let’s visit Mount Vernon.

So, continuing on with our visit. Took part of the day to visit Mount Vernon, George Washington’s home.

Visit Mount Vernon - Here's the church George Washington attended and where his burial service occurred.

Our visit Mount Vernon took up the afternoon. Following that, we took a night tour of the historic downtown. We visited the Viet Nam Wall, the World War II memorial, and the Jefferson Memorial, among others. Here’s the link to that post.

Visit the Holocaust Museum

Visit the Holocaust museum in Washington DC.

Here’s a link to a horrifying event in world history, displaying man’s inhumanity to man. This must be one of the worst of all the terrible events in history. By most measures, it’s the worst act of genocide the world has ever seen. While it’s a horrifying visit, visitors to Washington, DC, should see this. Here’s the link to more information about it.

And here’s a link to the website for the museum.

Veteran’s Suicide Display

Soldier suicides

On your last day, we viewed a display on the capital mall honoring the fallen veterans who lost their battles after returning home. It marks an important moment in history when we begin to recognize this problem and come to face the horrors of war. Attempts to justify war are difficult, but if there was ever a justification for war, most are clear that “Hitler Needed to be Stopped.”

Here’s the link to that post.

Classic Rock Recollection

After the last two posts, having a classic rock song here doesn’t feel right. Does anyone want to suggest music for this post?

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