Great River Road International – Next Trip

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Transitional Post from one road trip to another

To date, I’ve enjoyed bringing you stories and pictures of my travels. My goal is to provide value to you from my experiences. Either with a trip I’ve taken or the impetus to do a trip yourself, especially a Bucket List trip.  Now working through learning experiences about how to make this blog better and make it more widely read. Developing blog content that is worth someone’s time is a challenge that I want to meet. Looking at Great River Road International!

Planning my next road trip. I’m going International! Taking the Great River Road from the source at Lake Itasca MN to the Twin Cities where it crossed I-694. (On the road, will take a “detour” to International Falls MN and cross the border to Fort Frances ON.) Oh, and here is a link to the beginning of The Driveby Tourist.

First leg of journey

Going to Bismarck ND for the first part of the trip to visit my grandson. See some sights that most people taking the trip don’t see! Once back in MN will take a detour from the Great River Road and up to International Falls MN. Plan to cross the border into Canada as well to make it an International trip! Planning to do some sight-seeing along the way to Bismarck as well. Places anyone typically driving that road wouldn’t stop to see. Hope you enjoy it!

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Leaving Thursday, July 19th and expect to return on Tuesday, July 24th. As typical for The Driveby Tourist, the dates may change and the route may change. Watch and see!

Great River Road International

Great River Road Map

You may recall that I’ve promised to do the northern end of the Great River Road and maybe I’ll make it.

Great River Road International
Lake Itasca into the Mississippi River

With a bit of luck, I’ll show you a “real” picture as this is a “picture of a picture”.

This one looks to be a 6 or 7 day trip. If I do make it into Canada I probably don’t need to call it a “mini-trip”. My definition says a “mini-trip” stays within states bounding the home state but doesn’t say anything about other countries!

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The Driveby Tourist

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