Great River Road Sign – March 2017 – Day 11

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Started in Davenport, IA, continuing to see the Great River Road Sign & trip. Great river views in IA. But easy to get off the GRR. Takes many turns onto many different numbered roads. Continued to have a great trip. It will be good to get home, but I wish I could keep going for a while longer. Here’s a link back to the previous day.

On to the last day…..

After leaving Davenport and seeing more great views of the river, I came to Dubuque, IA. River town. Away from the river, a typical town. Along the river, it’s great! Restored shopping areas, floating casino, and river views.

The main viewing for the day was the …. (see below)

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Natmissrivermuseum Great River Road
National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium

Here’s a link to the Museum’s website.

…Continuing to see the Great River Road Sign

MarkTwainRHOF Great River Road
Mark Twain in the National River Hall of Fame

Many artists, writers, and musicians played a role in making the Mississippi River a legend. None as great as Mark Twain.

Sacagawea-Lewis and clark guide
Sacagawea in River Hall of Fame (Lewis and Clark guide)

Heading toward the northern end of the Great River Road. 

Picture of a Picture of Lake Itasca in Northern MN – Great River Road Sign

Mississippi River source Lake Itasca
Lake Itasca in Northern MN – Source of the Mississippi River

Actually, a picture of a picture from the museum. Will see this in person in a few weeks.

Northward from Dubuque looking toward Illinois and on to Minnesota Great River Road
View upstream with Illinois on the right and looking north toward Minnesota

…more from seeing the Great River Road Sign

North of Dubuque looking back downstream Great River Road
Back downstream toward Dubuque and everything I’ve seen along the way.
Back Home in Minnesota Great River Road
Back to Minnesota and Great River Road Sign!

Shortly after crossing the Minnesota border, I came to Winona, MN. Have been on the section from here to the Twin Cities before, so took the fast route home!

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Plymouth City Hall
Plymouth (MN) City Hall

….and to show you that I’m home!

Returning to “normal life” after 11 days on the Great River Road. Needed to “decompress”!
So, rambling again…….
By the numbers:
11 days
10 states
3100 miles
8 hotels
Cheapest gas – $1.97
States with no “Great River Road” signs – 1 (Louisiana)
State with most perceived miles with a view of the river – Iowa
Facebook postings – “a lot”
Missed signs and took me off GRR – At least 15
Experience – – – PRICELESS!

Great views, unique experience. If you do something like this, you must: Enjoy time by yourself, be willing to stop when you see something that you didn’t expect, be willing to not make hotel reservations until a few hours before stopping, find that cities and towns all seem to have different personalities and much more.

Is another trip coming up?

Already thinking about taking another road trip of a similar type. I do recommend the GRR, but it’s not for everyone. If you get a chance, give it a try for a few hundred miles, and it might “grow on you”. Someday, I’ll drive the GRR from the Twin Cities north to the source of the Mississippi in Lake Itasca in northern Minnesota. Probably been on a number of those roads over the years but want to drive it all in one stretch.

Driving the part from Natchez to the Gulf of Mexico is also a “wanna do” but would take more of a commitment.

Along the way, I talked with a few others who had also done much of the road. All enjoyed the experience. However, all agreed a person could easily spend two months if they wanted to see most of what the GRR has to offer.

Realized just how much the river is “America’s water highway” for commercial shipping. And realized that one Lock and Dam looks “pretty much” like another!

Hope you enjoyed hearing about my trip, and I certainly hope I’ve raised a desire to make all or part of this drive. Alone or with a group. Since this is a “history” post, I can say. “I’m already planning my trip on Route 66! I hope you’ve been paying attention because I’ve done that already and have many blog pages about it!

Classic Rock Recollection

“Watching the River Flow” by Bob Dylan

What’s the matter with me
I don’t have much to say
Daylight sneaking through the window
And I’m still in this all-night café
Walking to and fro beneath the moon
Out to where the trucks are rolling slow
To sit down on this bank of sand
And watch the river flow

Written by Bob Dylan