Green Bay to Mackinac – Day 2

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Green Bay to Mackinac

Where the U.P. meets the L.P.! Upper and Lower Michigan are really (kind of) connected! Because the Mackinac Bridge connects the two parts of the state. And St. Ignace marks at the northern end of the bridge. (Mackinac City marks the southern end.) Consequently, St. Ignace marks the eastern end of The Driveby Tourist’s U.P. tour. In any case, driving the Green Bay to Mackinac trip takes one along the coast of Lake Michigan. Certainly see a lot of trees! Also, here is a link to the previous post and a link to the post about planning the trip.

Mackinac Bridge St. Ignace Green Bay to Mackinac
Mackinac Bridge on an overcast day. Would be good to have a clearer view!
Mackinac Bridge St. Igance
Mackinac Bridge in the rain! Of course, a clearer view is what we wanted, not this one!

But, wait a minute! The Driveby Tourist jumping ahead to the end. Let’s get back to the beginning. The day really started like this:

Green Bay to Menominee

So, early (or not early for most of you) The Driveby Tourist dragged himself out of bed and headed in the U.P. Overall, it’s a beautiful drive along the bay. The bay is actually named Green Bay, hence the city name. Mostly, saw water and trees until Menominee MI jumped in front of him!

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Menominee Green Bay to Mackinac
Entering the city of Menominee

As we head northeast, this is the first town in Michigan. Of course, had to stop for a late breakfast at a rustic and well-known diner. And, the requisite link to The Serving Spoon. Great breakfast across the street from Lake Michigan shore. Menominee has quaint shops, a marina, places to eat and a museum.

Menominee Lake Michigan
Menominee Marina

While in Menominee, The Driveby Tourist had to quickly look at the marina and the surrounding beach. Due to the views and the shops, it would be a good place to spend an afternoon or even a full day. On the other hand, not that long for The Driveby Tourist. He gets obsessive about moving along.

Menominee has these markers around the town. Painted different colors and designs. Picturesque.

Menominee County Museum

As a matter of fact, heading out of town, noticed the Menominee County Historical Museum. It’s in an old church and staffed mostly by volunteers. He had a delightful conversation with one of the volunteers. She migrated from the “other” part of MI, Detroit area, and retired “up here”. Another hero in keeping history alive.

Lake Michigan Menominee
Gotta have bears in the north country!

Everything in the museum is from Menominee County. So, a hunter bagged this bear and a taxidermist made him look real.

Stained Glass windows in the old church
Menominee county museum Navy uniform
How could a Navy veteran go through a museum without a picture of a Navy uniform!


After some time in the museum, must continue up the shore. Then there is Escanaba. To point out, some think it’s the most well-known city in the U.P. Marquette is actually larger and hosts the University of Northern Michigan.

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Escanaba Bay
Views of Lake Michigan in Escanaba

At any rate, Ludington Park in Escanaba contains picnic spots, room for games, areas to just sit and enjoy. Another great little town. This picture above is from the lakefront.

History of the lighthouse

The Driveby Tourist forgot to take a picture of the lighthouse itself. Unquestionably, going too quickly.

Sandpoint Lighthouse
Great view from the lighthouse

While visiting the lighthouse, obtained the picture above. Unfortunately, couldn’t get the reflections out of the picture. Sorry :(. Also, had a conversation with the young gentleman working there for the summer. I believe he’s a grad student at UNM in Marquette. We talked about websites and blogging. His website concerns auto racing the U.P. and northeastern Wisconsin. Here is a link if you are interested.

Had to include something from the museum adjacent to the lighthouse!

Northeast on the Lake Michigan shore

Subsequently, moving on, up the shore of Lake Michigan. The weather didn’t cooperate and too much of the road didn’t have a view of the lake. Also, much of the shore is private property. Difficult to get views of the lake.

Lake Michigan
Here is a bay on some shore I did see. Notice how overcast it is. Rained soon after this picture.

Coming back full circle to above. St. Ignace dining and hotel for the night. Just a Super 8 but good for a Super 8. There are only 3 hotels in St. Ignace. Better ones located in Mackinac City across the bridge. But, didn’t want to do that. It’s great when a family member has a Wyndham corporate discount!

St. Ignace
Father Marquette

Father Marquette lived among the Native People in the U.P. and founded the town of St. Ignace. His work opened the area for the French fur traders.

And that was the Green Bay to Mackinac day.

Difficult to find a Rock and Roll connection to this trip. Found a group called Danny and the Galaxies who were based in Ironwood MI and did cut at least one record. Couldn’t find it on the internet.

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