Intermission for Family Golf Outing – June 30, 2018

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Family Golf Outing doesn’t have too much to do with travel or with road trips but I suppose I could call it a mini-road trip. Even if it was only 65 miles one way and took a total of 7 hours. The golf outing has been going on since 2002. Back then there weren’t any kids old enough to participate. And we started out a bit more serious about the game. As time went by, we started involving the kids. The oldest “kid” golfer was 21 and the youngest was 10 this year. Now it’s a family get-together and a chance for the kids to play golf.

(Decided to take a post and make it just a reflection on a family event. The only “travel” involved was that 4 of us came 60 miles or more!) (It’s my blog so I can do that!)

Granddaughter in golf cart
Grandpa, can I really play golf?!

Speaking of the youngest, there she is! (I’m updating this post for the first time. I found a broken link so decided to fix a couple of other things as well.)

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A lot of enthusiasm. Not a lot of golfing skills! One of them did play golf in high school but mostly this is the only time in the year they play. But we did have fun. We try to keep the family golf outing going but the last couple of years (COVID, etc.) have canceled it.

Of course, seeing a turtle pulls them away from playing. Turtles must be more important than golf. (Grandpa tries to be patient!) But, again, we had a good time. Always good to get together with the grandkids!

Now she’s on top of a raised tee box and says she’s on top of the world! Nice to have a good time on a nice day on the course. “The worst day on the golf course is better than the best day at the office!”

Then she needs to pretend she’s driving!

Overall, a great day. The golf course is very family-friendly and they let us use their lounge area for a potluck lunch. This year we had 16 golfers and half of them were 21 and younger. Become a family tradition. Sometimes it’s well-organized and other times we just kind of throw it together at the last minute. This year 3 person “committee”. One to make the tee times, one to send out the notice and get a number of attendees, and one to ensure there would be enough food. 

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