Is there such a thing as a micro road trip?

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Of course, my main focus for now is road trips. Posting while on road trips, thinking about road trips, road trips history, etc. While thinking about that, asked myself “Is there such a thing as a ‘micro’ road trip?” By that, I mean can a trip contained in one day be of value to any readers? Probably a visit to your grandmother in Watertown South Dakota for example (assuming it’s a day trip) isn’t really blog material. However, if you make it a long day and visit a State Park, do some hiking, take some pictures that hopefully would be suitable for framing (digital frames or screen savers in today’s world) and learned something new about nature, it most likely would be worth it. Wonder how many people would read that? (If you are reading this, post a comment please.) 

Mostly to count as a road trip it would need to be a “mini” road trip. Loosely defined as a trip of two to five days and not leaving the state or the states bordering your’s. Again, pictures, hiking, visiting landmarks, boat trips, checking off a bucket list item should be included. Or something like that. Three days to visit your brother-in-law in North Dakota to help on the farm, probably wouldn’t count as a road trip! 

Short post just to keep me going. Hope I get a couple of comments!

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Next post from California again. Navy Reunion in San Diego!! (If you’ve been in the military, 3 days and a wake up!)

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  1. Kristen Wiebe

    Micro trips would be interesting to read, especially for those people who can’t take road trips and just have a day to get away. Locals who don’t always know what to do but want to get away for the day or those who don’t have the money for long road trips but again, just want to get away.

    1. admin

      Thanks, Kristen

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