Mackinac to Marquette MI – Day 3

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Mackinac to Marquette MI

Lost in the woods! And heading for Lake Superior and Grand Marais, MI. Of course, the GPS doesn’t work in that part of the state. Indeed, The Driveby Tourist thought he might be lost! Especially when the pavement ended. So, what to do, what to do. Continuing to drive turned into the right decision on the Mackinac to Marquette MI drive. Of course, the unpaved road continued for about 20 miles. Didn’t see a sign for about 12 miles. Now The Driveby Tourist was really worried about getting lost! But, found Lake Superior! Almost like being home! Here is a link to another post about Lake Superior.

Mackinac to Marquette MI
Castle Rock

After all, Castle Rock hugs Lake Michigan and overlooks Mackinac Island. The Driveby Tourist didn’t go there but he and his wife really want to do that someday. And, here is a link to Castle Rock. A great view of the lake and Mackinac Island. And the drive from Mackinac to Marquette MI continues… Back to Castle Rock. Great view from the top, not just Mackinac but the view of the lake and the forest of the U.P.

Oswald’s Bear Ranch

Oswald's Bear Ranch
Male bears

Oswald’s Bear Ranch is near Newberry MI. To emphasize, it’s in the deep woods. Surprisingly, The Driveby Tourist did not see Smokey or Yogi! However, it’s a great set up for seeing bears. Here is a link to the bear ranch.

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Yearlings, born last year. They keep them separate before integrating into adult population.

Young bears still need to be separated, at least young males. Because male bears are territorial and will go after younger bears.

Cubs born this year

Meanwhile, the cubs are just really young ones. So they aren’t dangerous at all. Accordingly, Oswald’s encourages visitors to have their picture taken with cubs, for a price, of course! (The Driveby Tourist doesn’t do that stuff!). But, I’m sure your kids would enjoy it! Now, off to Lake Superior! Certainly enjoying this trip from Mackinac to Marquette MI.

Female Bears
Female bears

Finally, wrapping up on the bears, this was an interesting place. Since it’s in the woods and not near much, the place was busy on a Wednesday so visitors really do want to see it. Hope you enjoy if you go. Still didn’t see Yogi or Smokey!

Lake Superior and other views

Lake Superior
Log Slide Overlook view to lake

In contrast to the bears, this is Lake Superior. In other words, it’s “Superior” to all other lakes! And, a beautiful day!

Lake Superior Log Slide Overlook
Log Slide Overlook down to the lake

This is Lake Superior and the Log Slide Overlook up close. Most importantly, don’t go down there unless you know the climb back can take a while. Despite the view, it is a steeper and longer climb than expected. Above all, there are signs that tell the visitor to not go down if you have a heart health or breathing problem. So, The Driveby Tourist didn’t go!

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Lake Superior
Picture from the Log Slide Overlook

And here is another reason why The Driveby Tourist considers Lake Superior a “home away from home”. It’s an unbelievable lake. As autumn approaches, the look can go from this to a life-threatening storm in minutes (well, maybe hours). For the most part, enjoy but respect the lake. (More on that later in this post.)

Mackinac to Marquette MI
Lake Superior shoreline

Upper Michigan Logging Equipment and History

Old Logging equipment
Historical logging equipment

Finally, “back in the day”. logging was the major industry in the U.P. While there still is some logging, tourism retains the title of major industry in the U.P.

Story of logging in the U.P.
Summary of Log Slide area

And we know the logging changed the area. Mostly due to clear-cutting the forests but also due to today’s world which allows selective logging in some areas and protecting others.

U.P. Pasty – A staple here!

A Michigan Staple
U.P. Pasty

The Driveby Tourist continued to see signs for “Pasty” eating places. Explicitly, it is a “staple” in the U.P. A pastry containing beef and potatoes and a few vegetables. There are dozens (or hundreds) of these places in the U.P. I can’t say I enjoyed it but if you are there, go for it!

Mackinac to Marquette MI Summary

In summary, this drive turned out great! Enjoyed all the scenery including the old country unpaved road! Loved getting to Lake Superior. Felt like home. The Driveby Tourist and many family members have spent time on the North Shore of Lake Superior for many years, sometimes three or four times in the summer. He has always loved the lake. The day ended in Marquette MI, the largest city in the U.P. and the home of Northern Michigan University (link). NMU plays Division I hockey. (And what do you expect from a university this far north!) He enjoyed this small city and its surroundings, especially Lake Superior! (Did he already mention Lake Superior?)

“The Song of Hiawatha” by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Most noteworthy, this is by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow about Lake Superior. Gitche Gumee is the Ojibwe Native people living around Lake Superior.

On the shores of Gitche Gumee,
Of the shining Big-Sea-Water,
Stood Nokomis, the old woman,
Pointing with her finger westward,
O’er the water pointing westward,
To the purple clouds of sunset.

Obligatory Rock and Roll song!

Since The Driveby Tourist already had an Upper Peninsula Rock and Roll discussion on another post, this will be Lake Superior related (or Great Lakes-related?).

“Something there is about You” by Bob Dylan
“Thought I’d shaken the wonder and the phantoms of my youth
Rainy days on the Great Lakes, walkin’ the hills of old Duluth
There was me and Danny Lopez, cold eyes, black night and then there was Ruth
Something there is about you that brings back a long-forgotten truth”

However, hard to ignore “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald” by Gordon Lightfoot. Some claim he’s a country singer, which may be true to some degree but also had much success in Folk and Folk-Rock. And this song continues to be played on pop music radio. This song memorializes a near legendary ore boat that sunk on November 10, 1975. Another testimonial to the danger of Lake Superior.

The legend lives on from the Chippewa on down
Of the big lake they called ‘gitche gumee’
The lake, it is said, never gives up her dead
When the skies of November turn gloomy…

And a link to the next post.

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