Marquette MI toward Home – Day 4

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Marquette MI toward Home

Da Yooper Tourist Trap! Hilarious! Great way to wrap up the trip from Marquette MI toward Home. And, The Driveby Tourist viewed this attraction (link) as it was on his Ultimate Quirky Road Trip and since it was on the route.

Da Yoopers Tourist Trap
Road Facing Attraction. It works too!

As The Driveby Tourist leaves Marquette, he finds Da Yooper Tourist Trap. While it is quirky, it’s a fun visit. For those fellow tourists interested in gift shops, this one has a “ton” of Yooper merchandise. Like “Two Yoopers walk out of a bar …No, really, it could happen!” But, he’s jumping ahead, below follows the visit sequence.

Presque Isle Park

Lake Superior Marquette
Ore boot in the bay at Marquette

Great views of the lake. Since Marquette is on Lake Superior and there is ore processing close by, there are ore boats going out. (It’s probably one of those “you have to be there” type things.) The Driveby Tourist remembers seeing many ore boats headed into and out of the Duluth harbor.

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Marquette lighthouse

The Driveby Tourist likes lighthouses. Did you know that every lighthouse has a somewhat different shape? At least those registered with a federal registry. The Driveby Tourist’s favorite is Split Rock Lighthouse on the north shore of Lake Superior. Here is a link. In fact, this lighthouse is one of the most photographed sites in MN. Pictures of it appear “everywhere”.

Lake Superior
Lake Superior framed by trees in the park

A view from a Marquette (Presque Isle) city park to Lake Superior. Certainly looks cold, doesn’t it! Also, remains cold all year. Sometimes the bays can reach 60 degrees Fahrenheit during warm summers. The surface temperate of the main lake occasionally reaches 50 degrees in the summer and at 660 feet (200 meters) and below, the temperature is constant year-round at about 39 degrees. Lake Superior has an average depth of 483 ft (147 m) with a maximum depth of1,333 ft (406 m)

Lakenenland Sculptures

Da Yoopers Tourist Trap
More in Lakenenland

Lakenenland Sculptures consist of “Junk Art” in Marquette. The displays are made from scrap metal. Interestingly, this attraction wasn’t considered for the quirkiest place (link) in Michigan!

Da Yoopers Tourist Trap
Another sculpture made from discarded metal

Meanwhile, here is a link to more pictures of the park. Because the pictures taken are worth showing but too numerous to add to one post, they are in a separate location. Still another U.P. attraction near Marquette MI toward Home.

Sugarloaf Mountain

Lake Superior
Beautiful view from the mountain

Of course, The Driveby Tourist can’t pass up a view like this! Great stop from Marquette MI toward Home.

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Great view of the lake in another direction

And a view like this is so well worth the climb which is near Marquette MI toward Home.

Land view from the mountain

Finally, the view of the land appears as if the forest goes on forever! To emphasize, here is a link to information regarding the climb and viewing platforms. While there, The Driveby Tourist visited with John from the U.P. and Cliff from Maine. They were retired but had been friends for a long time. I believe they worked together at some point. Talked about the great view and that it was worth the climb. Also, just generally talked about things like guys do! The attraction is near Marquette MI toward Home.

Da Yoopers Tourist Trap

Da Yoopers Tourist Trap
Big Gus – a working giant chain saw!

And, of course, must stop at Da Yoopers Tourist Trap (link to a post about it). Of course, The Driveby Tourist took many pictures of this quirky attraction. They are too numerous for inclusion in the post. So, here is a link to a separate page. Of course, can’t forget about the link to Da Yoopers Tourist Trap itself.

Finishing the trip in Wisconsin

Da Yoopers Tourist Trap
Significant mostly to The Driveby Tourist

The Driveby Tourist spent time here implementing computer software “many moons” ago! Glad it was near Lake Superior again!

Hayward WI

“The Big Fish!”

Finally, the Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame – link to Ultimate Quirky Road Trip on the Marquette MI toward Home. The Driveby Tourist arrived after hours so could only get pictures like this. He doesn’t see this as really being a “quirky” attraction. Suppose the big fish does it but it’s really a serious museum about fishing.

TripAdvisor formerly allowed links to user-created trips. The Driveby Tourist “Trips” on TripAdvisor are no longer available but still, TripAdvisor is a great source to check out restaurants, hotels, and attractions. My trip showed you where I was on the road from Marquette MI toward home.

Summary of Marquette MI toward home

The Driveby Tourist managed to show readers parts of the U.P. Typically, visitors to the U.P. need encouragement to visit. Firstly, the day started visiting Lakenenland, backtracking east. Secondly, from there he visited Presque Isle Park and Sugarloaf Mountain. Thirdly, he visited Da Yoopers Tourist Trap. Finally, the Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame in Hayward WI. So, the Marquette MI toward Home comes to an end with a drive in the dark through WI and into MN and home.

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Rock song lyrics

Although The Driveby Tourist used it before:
“Homeward Bound” by Simon and Garfunkel comes to mind.

And each town looks just great to me, the movies and the fish stories
And every stranger’s face I see reminds me that I long to be
Homeward Bound
I wish I was
Homeward Bound

The italics indicate taking liberty with the lyrics!
(Marquette MI toward Home)

(Used as a theme on the Route 66 trip in April 2018, guess it can be used at least once a year!)

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