Mid-Atlantic Weird Wonderful Places

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Although I found a few more locations in this area, some were either closed or not what I wanted to write about. For example, Foamhenge in Virginia is “COVID-closed” and not visible from any public road. So, I missed this one. But, a Stonehenge replica? Made of fiberglass? However, according to the website, it is a full-size replica. Its gotta be one of the Mid-Atlantic Weird Wonderful places! By the way, here’s a link to the first quirky attractions post from the same trip.

Extra Quirky picture
Foamhenge Virginia

I found this royalty-free picture on a website. The place is definitely quirky but it’s “COVID-closed”. It’s in Virginia on private property. A local businessman hired artist Mark Cline of Enchanted Castle Studio to build it.

Foamhenge came into reality in 2004 on rent-free public land. Mark Cline said construction took 10 days as opposed to 1,000 years for the original Stonehenge! The configuration stayed until 2016 when the area where it stood became a state park.

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Initially, Cline stored the pieces until he found a place to erect them again. Cox Farms near Centreville VA agreed to take Foamhenge. The reassembled Foamhenge became a public display during the farm’s festivals and certain days in the summer. Anyway, I’m sorry I missed it! Because it certainly fits the Mid-Atlantic Weird Wonderful Places!

In 2022, Foamhenge “may” be open in Spring and Summer. Also, the current schedule calls for an opening during the Cox Farms Fall Festival and Fields of Fear festival.

West Virginia (and Mid-Atlantic Weird Wonderful places)

Mid-Atlantic Weird Wonderful Places
Mothman statue

Continuing my journey, I found my way to Point Pleasant WV. By the way, the legend of the Mothman continues to endure its mythical beginning in 1966. The mysterious creature “appeared” soaring around a former World War II munitions site north of Mount Pleasant. Accordingly, the Mothman’s origins come from everything from aliens to military experiments to supernatural to a widely supported hoax.

Of course, the town seized the opportunity to publicize itself. The mythical creature’s statue stands in the center of town. Of course, the prominent Mothman museum and gift shop stand on the corner next to the statue. The presence of the 12-foot tall polished steel statue assures that the legend lives on and future sightings are inevitable!

Personally, I found the attraction to be underwhelming. Although, it can be viewed as a “must-see”, don’t go out of your way to see it unless it’s on your bucket list! Here’s more from Atlas Obscura. However, does this fit the Mid-Atlantic Weird Wonderful places?

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While I initially tried to see at least one quirky attraction in every state, I decided some of them were too far from my path or not worth the time to get there. But here’s one in Delaware.

Mid-Atlantic Weird Wonderful Places
Steam Punk Tree House

The Steam Punk Tree House stands outside Dogfish Head Craft Brewed Ales in Milton DE. Interestingly, the treehouse represents a mutually beneficial relationship between businesses and the environment. The treehouse contains mostly recycled materials. But I’m sure this fits the Mid-Atlantic Weird Wonderful places!

The Dogfish Head Brewery in Milton DE displays this sculpture. This sculpture appeared at several festivals before finding a permanent home at this brewpub. The Tree House is not open to the public unless you pay for a brewery tour. I did not want to pay for the tour. Writing about it kept my appetite for quirky attractions!

More Delaware (& Mid-Atlantic Weird Wonderful places)

Sea Gypsy V
Sea Gypsy V

Lewes, DE, features a “real” pirate ship. You and your group can buy tickets or rent the whole boat for private parties. (That’s pronounced like “Lewis,” by the way.) The landing spot is close to the Lewes-Cape May Ferry terminal.

The Sea Gypsy V creates a lot of “Arrrrr” and bawdy tales for evening cruises. During the day, it’s the kids’ turn to play pirate. Back a few years ago, the shipowner developed the pirate idea to attract visitors and make a living doing something fun for people. And make it fit into Mid-Atlantic Weird Wonderful Places.

Sunset Cruise

Their evening cruise is their premiere charter. Enjoy a 2-hour cruise aboard the Sea Gypsy V. The cruise starts at dusk and proceeds into the Delaware Bay. A group can book the sunset cruise for a party of at least 20 people.
The sunset cruise is BYOB and BYOF. The cruise is adults only and includes the same type of fun as the other cruises. Especially on the sunset cruise, enjoy singing along with a lot of traditional pirate songs. (Of course, you must say “Arrrrr” a lot!)

Scheduled cruises
The Sea Gypsy V sails at 9:30 AM, 11:30 AM, and 1:30 PM, and those cruises cost $35. A free Pirate Sword and Eye Patch are provided for all children. Later in the afternoons, the Sea Gypsy V is available for private charters for special events like birthday parties, wedding events, anniversary celebrations, and family reunions. The charter cost is currently $1350.
Associated comments
By the way, if you want more “pirate” experiences, many of the renaissance festivals around the country include them. For example, Minnesota’s festival saw the introduction of “Puke N Snot” in 1974. All the pirate jokes and double entendres you need (or want)! And, does this fit the Mid-Atlantic Weird Wonderful places?

Classic Rock Recollection

People are Strange” by The Doors

People are strange when you’re a stranger
Faces look ugly when you’re alone
Women seem wicked when you’re unwanted
Streets are uneven when you’re down

When you’re strange
Faces come out of the rain
When you’re strange
No one remembers your name

Written by John Paul Densmore, Robert A Krieger, Ray Manzarek, and Jim Morrison especially for Mid-Atlantic Weird Wonderful Places!