Minneapolis Aquatennial Fireworks

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Minneapolis Aquatennial Fireworks by Target Corporation! Of course, a great display! And, The Driveby Tourist and his wife had an opportunity to attend a fundraiser. Which included viewing the fireworks from a private deck in The Carlyle (link here). Additionally, here is a link to the fireworks Aquatennial website.

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Minneapolis Aquatennial Fireworks
Phone Cam picture of Fireworks at Aquatennial

Of course, have to post a picture of the fireworks! Target Corporation sponsors the fireworks. The Aquatennial advertises it as one of the largest fireworks displays in the USA. More on the Aquatennial below.

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Here is a link to a Youtube video of the Aquatennial fireworks. (Cell Phone video quality.)

Minneapolis Aquatennial Fireworks

Actually, there is much more to the Aquatennial than just the fireworks. Here is a link to the 2019 Aquatennial celebration. While the fireworks have been a highlight of the festival for years, other events outside of downtown stopped. For example, the Milk Carton Boat races!? (More later).

Hey, more fireworks!

Just one more view of the Minneapolis Aquatenniel Fireworks.

Minneapolis Aquatennial


Originally, the Aquatennial became a reality in 1940 and over many years occurred over 10 days. And that included 2 weekends. A group of prominent businessmen created the first Aquatennial. Over the years, the leadership and groups running the show evolved. In 2002, the Downtown Council took over the festival. By 2014, competition with many other events forced changes. For example, “lake weekends” outside the Twin Cities and hundreds of other entertainment options. This forced cutting the festival to 4 days over the 4th weekend in July. Now, the festival is highlighted by the Centerpoint Energy Torchlight parade and the Target Corporation Fireworks.

More History!

In brief, the Minneapolis Aquatennial started to promote Minneapolis nationally and to celebrate the lakes within the city. (Whereas the city has 13 lakes of five acres or more completely within its boundaries, the celebration of them is great.) And the largest lake, (formerly known as Lake Calhoun) Lake Bde Maka Ska (bəˈdeɪ məˈkɑ skɑː) covers over 400 acres. Consequently, the lake is a hub of lake activity in the city. And held a number of Aquatennial events over the year. And it’s more than just fireworks!

Focus Change

Nevertheless, in 2015 the Downtown Council decided to focus on the Mississippi Riverfront and downtown. Therefore, the events at the lake were canceled. Popular events such as the Beach Bash, the Milk Carton boat races and the Sandcastle competition came to an inglorious end. (The Milk Carton boat races featured boats make of half-gallon milk cartons!) (Or, do I need to say again, “It’s more than just fireworks!”

Twin Cities – Everything

This post begins a series of posts about “Everything Twin Cities”. I foresee this blog being very informative for visitors to the Twin Cities who want to learn about places to go, things to do and where to eat. And, for long time Twin Cities residents who want to know more about their home city. or “The Cities! In fact, common references are “The Cities” or “The Metro”. For example, especially if you live “outside the Twin Cities”, you might have a conversation include “What are you doing this weekend?” and “Going to the cities”. And just about everybody in Minnesota, the eastern Dakotas, western Wisconsin, and northern Iowa will know what you mean. Fireworks?

Classic Rock Recollections

“Summer in the City” by the Lovin’ Spoonful

Hot town, summer in the city
Back of my neck getting dirty and gritty
Been down, isn’t it a pity
Doesn’t seem to be a shadow in the city
All around, people looking half-dead
Walking on the sidewalk, hotter than a match head
But at night it’s a different world
Go out and find a girl
Come-on come-on and dance all night
Despite the heat it’ll be alright

Originally recorded by the Lovin’ Spoonful
Lyrics by: John Sebastian, Steve Boone, and Mark Sebastian


(The Twin Cities doesn’t have a reputation as being “hot” but summers can be hot and humid. In fact, the all-time record high in Minneapolis is 108 F while the all-time record high in Miami FL is 100 F!)
However, on average, Minneapolis reaches 90 degrees or more about 13 times per year.

Also, here is a link to another post about the Twin Cities.