Minneapolis Super Bowl Start

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Minneapolis Super Bowl Start – February 2018

As many of you know, I’m driving Uber and Lyft for the experiences of it. It is very part-time but a great experience. I did drive every day during the lead up to the Minneapolis Super Bowl and into the two days after. Here is a story about my experiences. Three-part blog post about activities during the Super Bowl.  This initial post is about the Minneapolis Super Bowl Start. My Facebook blog called Minneapolis Super Bowl Ramblings is used as a source.

Here is a link to the official Super Bowl website.

Minneapolis Super Bowl Start
US Bank Stadium – Site of the 2018 Super Bowl

(Note: Later in the year visited another Super Bowl site. However, no more scheduled Super Bowls at US Bank Stadium or the Rose Bowl.)

Minneapolis Super Bowl Start

This is an informal blog about my (yes, using first-person for these posts) experiences as a rideshare driver in the Twin Cities during Super Bowl LII. The Super Bowl “Festival” started on January 26th. The Festival culminates with the big game on February 4th. The following two days after that are about cleaning up and fans getting back to the airport. (Good luck if you are not Super Bowl connected and try to fly!)

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Thursday, January 25th.

Preparing for rideshare for Minneapolis Super Bowl Start. Cleaning my car, installing my CARgo box (more on that later), looking at a possible schedule, etc.

Not knowing where to start, reminded me of this Dylan song.
‘Twas in another lifetime, one of toil and blood
When blackness was a virtue the road was full of mud
I came in from the wilderness, a creature void of form
Come in, she said
I’ll give ya shelter from the storm

So I needed something to get me out of the storm of indecision and confusion!

Give one Lyft ride to get fired up! Turn on the app, got a ping and on my way. And that was it for the day! Didn’t “sell” anything on CARgo.

CARgo Box.

Here is a picture of the “box. Ride Share drivers using this can offer “free stuff” as well as items for sale. The company obtains their merchandise from manufacturers for promotional purposes. I didn’t promote it very well on Friday but had a number of passengers benefit from the offerings on Saturday. (More to come)

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CARgo Box
CARgo box for ride-share drives to make “side money”


Friday arrives. January 26th.

It begins

Here we are, Minneapolis Super Bowl Start. Don’t know what is going to happen. (Still a Creature void of Form). Just turned on the app. Took a few trips into and around downtown (Minneapolis). End in the western suburbs so I don’t have far to go home. Go thru downtown about 10:30 or so and there isn’t much happening. Used the opportunity to drive around and see the preparations being made and those that are complete. US Bank Stadium is blocked off but the roads around it are still open to driving. That won’t last long. The bars and restaurants downtown are busy but not overly so.

….and continues

The Nicollet Mall is into the first day of Super Bowl Live. Most of the events are outside including concerts and they are free. (Local or midwestern bands capitalize on being associated with the Super Bowl by performing for free.) A lot of activity going on the get ready for the events. At the same time, St. Paul Winter Carnival is happening as well as a Pond Hockey tournament. I think there is something else as well but I’ll get back to you!


Like the city is waiting for something big to happen, like Carly Simon’s song, Anticipation.

Anticipation, anticipation
Is makin’ me late
Is keepin’ me waitin’

Stayed out until nearly 1:30 AM. Steady but not really busy.

Do a trial run for the coming days on Friday. Nobody really knows what is going to happen (regarding rideshare and a lot of other activities). We’ve been told that 1 million people are coming to town. Veteran rideshare drivers are divided on “It’ll be a total bust, too many people, too much traffic, too many drivers from other areas, etc. Other Super Bowls can’t be used as a guide because each city is different”.


The Day Begins

“Your day breaks, your mind aches”. Well, not really but have to get a few words from a Beatles song in this one. The second day of Minneapolis Super Bowl Start.  Car washed and go at 2:30 PM. Get a ping to take a couple of people from near my home to downtown. They were going to visit the attractions already there for the Super Bowl. (Anyway they used my CARgo box!) Took a few passengers around downtown and nearby.

Time for a break

After a brief break, got a ping from a passenger (“pax” in Ride Share speak). He is going to New Brighton to pick up his date and then to dinner in St. Paul. Over 30 miles of driving and nearly an hour of time. Then I need sustenance. My “go to” gourmet evening meal (Jimmy John’s). #1, no tomato, add onions and a chocolate chip cookie. Think I’ve done that before?

Where do I want to be!

Got pulled to Vadnais Heights and then further east, eventually in Lake Elmo, Stillwater a couple of times as well as Maplewood and White Bear. (Eagles: Hotel California. “You can check out anytime you want but you can never leave” (More on this on Sunday.)
Finally got my “destination” set (Allows rideshare drivers to control a direction, like when I’m out in Stillwater and want to go to downtown Minneapolis or just heading home.) Picked up two rowdy couples from a party at a house in Oakdale going to downtown Minneapolis. (Whew, back on my side of town.)

Quiet Time:

It was the quietest Saturday night in a long time, the veteran drivers tell me. At one point, I sat in a parking spot for 20 minutes between 11:25 and midnight without a ping. Finally got a ping to Uptown and the headed home, picking up passengers. My passengers and I were laughing about something in my CARgo box but since my grandkids may read this, I’ll be discrete! (Let’s just say it does have a connection to public health!) If you have or have seen a CARgo box, you know what I mean.

And when I got home, I found a lost phone in the back seat. Not even sure which pax but eventually figured out it was my last pax on Lyft. Sent Lyft a note and they asked if they could share my phone number so I’ll see if I get a response. (It’s an old Motorola so I don’t want it!!!) And Minneapolis Super Bowl Start comes to a close!

There, think I’ve rambled enough for now!


The Driveby Tourist

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    the bard of the road actually listens to the lyrics of the songs of his generation

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