Navy Reunion – Day 1

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Headed out from Anaheim to San Diego this morning. New transit station in Anaheim. Picture out of the full floor to roof ceiling with the Honda Center in the background. Anaheim Ducks hockey.

Interesting view.  California palm trees and a hockey arena don’t really seem to go together! Train ride was good. Ocean view for about half the way here. 

First day of the reunion. Using the “Driveby” definition today is to take a bit of time to have individual time/greeting with each of the Navy guys. Lots of talking as a group makes it difficult to have some one on one time. First day is catching up. Seven attendees here, four with spouses. State represented are Arizona (Michigan), California, Florida /Tennessee, Minnesota, Nevada (New York), New Jersey and Texas (Iowa). (Parentheses shows home state for three of them. The rest of us haven’t moved much!) First day, just getting reconnected.

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The “road trip” part of these reunions is to look at each day, each interaction, each event as a new experience. Each experience you have changes and adds to your life. Remember a Sociology class back in electives in college. The kind of classes they make you take as part of the “rites of passage” to become “well rounded”.  Anyway, the professor spent most of the entire class discussing how we are who we are based on our past experiences. Did we have “free will” to break out of that pattern?  Not trying to get too intellectual here but every one of these experiences immediately becomes part of our past. And we had the “free will” to chose to go to the event!

Reminds me of a comedian I heard once. Was an athlete in college and one of his girlfriends was a philosophy major. She used to ask questions like “Why is there air?”. His response was “Everybody knows why there is air. To blow up basketballs and footballs!”. So while I’m not an athlete, tend more toward that side of the discussion. As a retired “IT Guy”, tend to be logical. Let the “liberal arts” majors worry about ‘what is the meaning of life”! This week, the “meaning of life” is to be able to connect with some old friends.

By the way, here’s a link back to our first day in SO CAL.

The Driveby Tourist

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