Navy Reunion – Day 3

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Sea World today. The weather is better; still cool for San Diego in the morning, but great day by the end. Went to see the dolphins, walked around, visited with a couple of guys, and came home. How’s that for a Driveby Tourist summary? The dolphin show was 20 minutes. I had my pictures after 10 and wanted to go!

The dolphins really are trained. We saw picketers outside Sea World to free the animals, drain the tanks, etc. Just reporting, not getting involved in politics here!

Dolphin doesn’t show up well, but hard to get the pictures. I did take some video but need to edit it to remove empty time between acts.

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Went to Top of the Market for dinner.    The food was awesome, especially dessert! So good to talk with the guys from Japan. Because we did so many things together over there, it seems like we know each other well even though it’s been all these years since we served and we only get together for 3-4 days every 2 years. 

Another travel idea. Look for opportunities like this. Not everybody has connections from other parts of the country but use the opportunities that present themselves. 

Tomorrow, headed back to Anaheim. Few more days and then home. Time to start work on the picture book from Route 66 trip. Recommend anyone who likes to take pictures and have a reminder of the trip consider making a trip picture book. Did it on Shutterfly, but there are others as well. With Shutterfly, the prices seem high, but they have special offers regularly, so may have to wait them out. I obtained one of my past books for less than 50% of the “list price.” You can also make digital copies as is becoming the norm. (This is not an advertisement!)

The next reunion will be in Charleston, SC, in the first week of May 2020.  Fort Sumpter is there. Also, plantations, old mansions, and more. The “Old South.” Read about it but haven’t had an opportunity to go there. (By the way, this didn’t happen due to COVID,)

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