Nebraska Attractions toward Denver

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Nebraska Attractions toward Denver

A surprising spring snowstorm stranded The Driveby Tourist in Kearney NE for a second night. I-80, I-70, and other roads were either officially closed or snow packed. As a result, less time to see attractions but did see some Nebraska attractions toward Denver. Focusing on Nebraska and Iowa, not looking for attractions in Colorado. Also here is a link to the first post related to this trip.

Nebraska Attractions toward Denver – Kearney NET

The Nebraska Firefighters Museum & Education Center is located in Kearney. Since they were closed due to the storm, I didn’t get to see the inside. Here is a link to their website.

Nebraska Attractions toward Denver
Front entrance of the Nebraska Firefighters Museum

Platte River Archway

The archway extends from the museum across I-80. The arch above I-80 includes more museum space. The storm shut down this place as well.

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At entrance to grounds of the archway
Nebraska Attractions toward Denver
The Great Platte River Road front entrance
Nebraska Attractions toward Denver
The Great Platte River Road museum front entrance
Nebraska Attractions toward Denver
Archway across I-80. The museum completes the space


An original Pony Express station is shown below, still standing in Gothenburg NE.

Nebraska Pony Express original station
Original Pony Express station in Gothenburg NE. Didn’t stop to look any more than to take the picture.

North Platte – Nebraska Attractions toward Denver

North Platte hosts a still active railway yard. Also, Buffalo Bill Cody museums and exhibitions reside here. As a result, both great exhibits should interest visitors. The Fort Cody Trading post combines a gift shop with a museum. For those abhorrent of gift shops, the museum is still worth seeing! Here is a link to the Trading Post. Also, here is a link to the Buffalo Bill Ranch Historic Park.

Nebraska Attractions toward Denver
Synopsis of Buffalo Bill Cody by the Fort Cody Trading Post.
Buffalo Bill Cody
Full display sign of Buffalo Bill Cody
Nebraska Attractions
Fort Cody Trading Post
Nebraska Attractions
Cutout of Buffalo Bill Cody in front of displays of scenes from his wild west show. The hundreds of miniature statues were all hand carved and took 10 years to complete
Nebraska Attractions
Ranch building on the Buffalo Bill Cody exhibition


Ogallala, now a quiet little town, once thrived as a wild and crazy place where cattle drives from Texas ended. Here is a picture of an outdoor plaque commemorating that time.

Nebraska Attractions
Ogallala Nebraska served as the ending of a number of cattle drives from Texas where cattle disbursed to slaughter both east and west and to be driven to ranches further north in Wyoming, Montana, and Dakota Territories.

By now, need to move on. Ogallala is very close to Colorado. As a result, the topic of these posts ends! Thanks for reading. In a week, will be back in Nebraska for a few days. Consequently, I would like to have a post or two from Colorado as well. Or follow the link to the previous post.

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  1. Beverly Blinde

    Interesting- that was quite the snowstorm! We’re having a memorable winter to say the least. But your delay gave you time for more exploring. Maybe on another road trip you’ll be able to go inside the museums that were closed.

    1. admin

      I would like to go into the Archway museum now that I read more about it. I’ve been thru there several times and thought it was a “tourist trap” thing. I’m going back a different way so won’t see it on this trip. Actually, I’ll be close to Chadron! I’m planning to go up to Alliance and then across the Sand Hills.

    2. admin

      Hi, Bev, You may want to look at some recent blogs. I was in Chadron for a car wash after I drove thru the Nebraska National Forest.

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