Nebraska National Forest area

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Nebraska National Forest area

Didn’t you know that Nebraska had a National Forest? Of course it does. Surprisingly, the Nebraska National Forest and Grasslands area (here is the link) is in the middle of the grasslands that make up much of western Nebraska. Although, grasslands exist that doesn’t mean it’s flat. To emphasize, the area contains rolling hills, bluffs, lakes, and streams. In contrast, the National Forest follows The Driveby Tourist Carhenge post. Without a doubt, the change whiplashes the viewer! So, here is a link to the Carhenge post. And here is another link. This is to The Driveby Tourist’s first post on this trip.

Nebraska National Forest Area
Approaching the entry point to the road through the forest


I’m posting the first picture approaching the actual border of the forest area. For one thing, sure doesn’t look like Nebraska! Given that the forest lies about 60 miles south of the southern Black Hills of South Dakota, probably not so surprising. Can you say Mount Rushmore?

The Drive through Nebraska National Forest area.

The Driveby Tourist follows the GPS into the Nebraska National Forest area. Due to recent rains, following the road resulted in some interesting times. Muddy roads (really muddy) create “fun times” driving. Didn’t take a lot of pictures as I’m concentrating on driving. Wish I had some pictures of the worst spots.

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Nebraska National Forest area
Here the unsuspecting Driveby Tourist is about to enter a “road” that should only be traversed by a high end four wheel drive vehicle!
Nebraska National Forest area
Forest area. Does this look like Nebraska?
Nebraska National Forest area
We really are into the forest. Again, doesn’t look like Nebraska
Muddy parts of the forest
More of the area. Muddy. Didn’t get out of the car. See the mud on the windshield?
Nebraska National Forest area
More forest. Again, in a dry spot where I could stop.

Now, Nebraska National Forest AND Grassland!

This part of the forest is great for turkey hunting. Stopped by a campsite and talked with a gentleman from the Twin Cities. He and some friends were hunting turkeys. While he didn’t get one this time, he said typically hunting was good here.

Nebraska National Forest
See the grasslands and the forest?
Forest area
More forest and road. At least I was able to get out of the car. (See the mud on the corner of the car?)
Grasslands and forest
See the grasslands and forest again?
Nebraska National Forest area
…and more…..

Evidence of mud!

See the mud on my car! Sure thought I was stuck a couple of times. Then, is there cell phone signal out here? Didn’t think about the cost until later. The National Forest service needs signs to warn people! Took three car washes to get it clean!

Muddy car
My car was clean when I entered back about 7-8 miles ago!

Out on the other side – Cowboys and cattle

Nebraska National Forest and Grasslands
Yes, this is ranch land in Nebraska. “Cowboys” motioned me to stay in the car so I wouldn’t spook the cattle.


Another section of Nebraska National Forest appears closer to central Nebraska. Specifically, that section occupies land near Halsey NE. That’s a smaller section and is about 80 miles north of North Platte which is on I-80. Basically, The Driveby Tourist found that Nebraska is the least visited tourist destination state. (Here is a link to that site.) While I likely can’t convince you to visit, at least you know there are attractions here. Significantly, remember the Black Hills of South Dakota are close by. Therefore, South Dakota comes in at number 34 on that list. Where is your state?

Meanwhile, getting back to the rock and roll theme. Firstly, “On that long and lonesome highway, east of Omaha” from Turn the Page by Bob Seger. Then, “(Something), something, something about my cool Nebraska guy Yeah something about baby you and I” from You and I by Lady Gaga. Finally, there is “Rock ‘n’ roll cities, look out here we come Richmond, Cleveland, Ohio, Nebraska, St. Paul” from Rock ‘N’ Roll Cities Written by: Dave Davies and performed by several artists. (I realize “Nebraska” is not a city, but it’s there!)

Back soon with a trip through the Nebraska Sand Hills.

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