North Shore Camping – 2018

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North Shore camping (hybrid)

North Shore Camping

Time to go North Shore Camping with just JeNell and me. Seems like most everything this summer has been with grandkids and other family members. Because it is our third day here already, we are just relaxing. As a result, we will take some pictures and have some experiences and will have more of them before we leave on Saturday. By the way, hybrid camping means that we stay in a hotel and spend our afternoons and part of the evenings at our campsite.

Little Two Harbors
Catching the late afternoon sun on the little island. The island and a partially submerged rock bridge give this area the name “Little Two Harbors”. While Two Harbors which is a town 20 miles south of here and actually does represent two harbors in the lake.

Here is a link to Little Two Harbors information.

North Shore Camping
Can’t be camping without a campfire!

Palisade Head

Palisade Head Lake Superior
Palisade Head is a rock formation on the North Shore of Lake Superior. Hence, the top is nearly 1000 feet above the surface of the lake. Most noteworthy, took this picture from the car, in true Driveby Tourist style.

Here is a link to further information on Palisade Head

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Views from Palisade Head
With its nearly 1000 foot view, many sights are available. In the near distance is a view of Shovel Point. The point extends about half a mile into the lake. When the wind is from the Northeast, the temperature may be much cooler on the point vs the highway.

Here is a link to more information on Shovel Point.

Palisade Head Lava Rocks
Palisade Head formed by ancient volcanos, illustrated by the lava rocks.
Palisade Head Rock climbing
A rock climber is preparing to descend to the lake level by climbing down the cliff and then back up. Permits must be obtained from the park office for each park where one wants to climb.
View of Lake Superior
Another view of Lake Superior looking to the Northeast.

Cascade River

Cascade River Lake Superior view
Cascade River view

Father Baraga’s Cross

Father Baraga's Cross
Father Baraga came to the north shore are to help the Native Americans during a disease outbreak and stayed for many years
Father Barage
The story of Father Baraga. Part of the history of the north shore.

Temperance River

Temperance River
The Temperance River has cut thru the rock over the centuries. Seems like proof that “water always wins”.

Link to more information on the Temperance River.

Grand Marais MN

Grand Marais
Grand Marais harbor is protected by a man-made breakwater. The city of 1800 people is a summer attraction with its protected harbor, art galleries, and great food.

A play on the Scandinavian heritage of the area is Sven and Ole’s Pizza. Even more, Sydney’s Frozen Custard not only makes great frozen desserts but also great pizza to compete with Sven and Ole’s. Above all, there is Beth’s Fudge and Gifts. (The greatest fudge in the world!)

Formation of the North Shore of Lake Superior
Sorry, not very readable. Most noteworthy, the plaque tells the story of the formation of the shoreline.
North Shore topology
Layers of rock formations formed by volcanos

Lake Superior horizon

Lake Superior Camping
The water line in the distance can be very different from one time to another. As a result, the sky and waterline blend together here.
North Shore camping
…and other times, there is a very clear line.

Following the events above, our North Shore Camping comes to an end as we head back home.

Further commentary on the North Shore

While visiting the North Shore, ask locals if The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald” is a true story. Yes, the ore boat went down in a storm on Lake Superior in November 1975. Consequently, the song, released in 1976, remains a classic. After this many years, the song takes on the feeling of a legend or maybe a made up event to make a hit song.

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While driving through Duluth, remembered the tour of the Glensheen Mansion right on Lake Superior. Chester Congdon, a well-known a lumber baron, built the mansion during the heyday of lumbering in northeastern Minnesota. For that reason, the home became well-known and eventually, a tourist attraction after the last of the family members no longer lived there. Ending the Congdon family ownership of the house, Elisabeth Congdon and her nurse were murdered in the home on June 27, 1977. Elisabeth was the last surviving daughter of Chester Congdon who had the mansion built. Roger Caldwell, the second husband of Marjorie Congdon (adopted daughter of Elisabeth), was convicted of the murder. Here is a link to more of the story of the murder and the mansion itself.

Operated by the University of Minnesota Duluth as a historic site, the mansion is now a highly visited attraction.

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  1. Jim Boesen

    While I visited the north shore this last summer, I stopped at Gooseberry Falls State Park, Split Rock Lighthouse State Park, Grand Portage State Park, Palisade Head, Rocky Taconite, Silver Creek Cliff Wayside Park, Black Beach, Betty’s Pies, and Two Harbors Breakwall.

    1. I’m sure you enjoyed it! We spent quite a bit of time up there over the last 30 years. From 1993 until 2018, we camped at Split Rock nearly every summer. we treated it like out “lake place!” Thanks for reading my information!

  2. Jim Boesen

    I spent two nights in Duluth and two nights in Grand Portage this last June. While I saw quite a lot, I still didn’t see everything. I feel like I’d need to go up there again to be able to see more places.

    1. we spent 4 nights in Duluth in August. One of those days, I drove all the way to Canada and took pictures of places I hadn’t been in the past.

      Again, thanks for reading!


  3. Beverly Blinde

    Have tried to leave comments before, without success for some reason….Your photos bring back many memories of our camping trips to the North Shore, including our trip with you two at the lighthouse. It’s one of our favorite places. Our favorite indulgence in Grand Marais is the Doughnut Shop – best doughnuts in the world, and dinner at the Angry Trout – fresh caught fish and sunsets not to be missed!

    1. admin

      Thanks Bev, I’m having a good time doing the blog. Now is the challenge on what to write about. No more trips until end of Sept. Hope you and Dave are well.

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