Organize Great Inexpensive Travel

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Organize Great Inexpensive Travel

Great trips happen when well planned. Don’t forget to include a “budget”. Certainly, everyone hates to hear that.  Trip planning includes reviewing sources such as family and friends, internet searches and other sources. A traveler organizing a trip can have fun doing it as well. Just remember, Organize Great Inexpensive Travel…  Took my own advice on this trip. Trip planning requires travel material.

Organize great Inexpensive Travel
For example, epic trips require planning, not always lots of money!

Travel Rewards Cards

Reward Credit Cards provide great travel opportunities. Certainly, spend points wisely. Travel sites guide the traveler. For example, Thrifty Traveler provides great information. Sign up for their daily email. Pay for their Premium Traveler for International travel deals.

Travel Freely gives the traveler a tracking mechanism for reward credit cards. Money saving tips abound in this website.

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Facebook pages such as Award Travel 101 provide ongoing information. Facebook provides “a ton” of information in other pages as well.

Reward Credit Cards offer sign up bonuses from 40,000 to 100,000 points. Resources mentioned above provide information on signing up and using.  As a result, credit card rewards work much like airline miles in frequent flyer programs. Another resource is The Points Guy. Lots of information there as well. Most noteworthy, as the above resources point out, additional credit cards do not overall impact your credit score. More inquiries as part of signing up do have an initial impact. However, a larger portion of the credit score is based on the percent of credit used. (Just pay off your credit cards every month!)

Shopping for airfare

Airline websites offer shopping opportunities. For example, Delta’s search platform offers a number of options. First, use the option, “search for nearby airports”. Going to LAX may include Long Beach, John Wayne (Orange County) and Ontario. Second, they also offer the option for flexible travel dates. 

Google flights offer more options to search for flights. In addition, it provides for an option to enter flights in the future and be notified of fare decreases.


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Triple-A, AARP, and Costco offer travel discounts as well. Use every option available!



Just a short post here. Give the traveler resources to allow travel on a budget. Another option that most of you don’t have. Maybe you have an immediate family member working in the travel industry. Immediate family gains travel rewards!