People I’ve met while touristing

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People I’ve met while Touristing

It’s amazing the people you meet while driving by (with a brief stop)!! This post jumps around and presents people I’ve met in no particular order. I’ll post another one like this at some point. Fellow tourists or people who work at stopping points are “fair game”! (Sorry, tried to say “Fellow Travelers” but that has political connotations!) And what better way to start than after my last post.

New Hampshire coast – Fellow Tourists

I stopped at a picturesque location on the New Hampshire coast. Taking several pictures and enjoying the view. Talked with a couple who were not from the area but generally down around Boston. They told me about their trips on the New Hampshire and Maine coasts. They enjoyed their vacations and weekends in a number of places on the coast. We were standing along the shore with a similar view to that shown below. More people along the way. So long ago, I don’t remember much else but I wanted to mention this as it’s from the Beginning of The Driveby Tourist from my previous post (link). I know, boring first paragraph! Such is the beginning of people I’ve met while touristing.

Fellow Tourists
Public Domain picture of New Hampshire coast. I have a similar picture but can’t find that picture so this will have to do.

Great River Road – Small world!

The Driveby Tourist was driving the Great River Road (link) and visited the Vicksburg National Military Park (link). While photographing a scene, a couple came up behind me, thinking my Nikon camera strap (all twisted) said Iowa. Turned out they were from Spirit Lake Iowa and the woman was a nurse who worked with my sister-in-law! Another encounter with fellow tourists. As they say, it’s a small world!

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People along the way
Picture from the Vicksburg National Military Park. It’s taken near the place I met the couple from Iowa.

Bicyclists in South Dakota – People along the way

Vacationing when my daughters were young. We were stopped for food near Rapid City SD. I started talking with a young man who was biking (pedaled not motorized). He and his wife/friend/partner were biking from Seattle to Boston (I think). Anyway, East Coast. They had quit/took leaves of absence from jobs and put all their belongings in storage. He said they planned for the trip to take the summer and into the fall. Their trip was going as planned and they were staying within their budget, except for one thing. With the energy they were burning, the two of them were eating about as much as five people would normally eat. I don’t remember how many miles they were averaging per day but it was not insignificant. Just your average fellow tourists!

Route 66 – People along the way

While visiting the Meteor Crater in Arizona, I met a man from North Carolina following the same path. He drove a vintage Mustang convertible. Drove to Chicago, left there one day after me and planned to arrive in Santa Monica one day before me. He planned to drive up the coast before driving home. Another example of people along the way!

People along the way
To Illustrate places I met people with whom I visited for a short time.


So, another brief post about people along the way. Certainly worth discussing. Looking for a rock song to go with it. Came upon these lyrics:

So many people have come and gone
Their faces fade as the years go by
Yet I still recall as I wander on
As clear as the sun in the summer sky”

“More Than a Feeling” by Boston.

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Maybe not the next post but soon Route 66 Heros post(s) presented here for fellow tourists to know as well. Have a good day! And here is a link to the page that shows the heading of each blog post.

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