Richard Nixon Presidential Museum

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Richard Nixon Presidential Museum

The Richard Nixon Presidential Museum is much more than most people remember about Nixon. Most people have forgotten nearly everything but Watergate. Or may remember his historic visit to China. Most people don’t remember his record on civil rights. And on school desegregation. On women’s equality. And on healthcare. Also, here is a link to the museum web site.

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The Beginning

Richard Nixon Presidential Library
Richard Nixon painting at the Presidential Library

The museum presents Richard Nixon as a complex man. Brilliant, troubled, statesman, paranoid. The opening video reviews all the aspects of his presidency. Finally, the video includes a credible reporting on Watergate

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Due to building lighting, plaque placement, and crowding, picture taking was difficult. Therefore, some of the pictures are “over Photo-shopped”, to improve readability.

Richard Nixon Presidential Library
The 1968 Campaign

The 1968 campaign was a contentious one. Because it occurred at the height of the Viet Nam war, Second, Democratic candidate Hubert Humphrey tried to distance himself from Lyndon Johnson’s policies. While at the same time, not appearing disloyal to Johnson. Finally, segregationist George Wallace, running as a third party candidate, was a major factor.

The Accomplishments – Richard Nixon Presidential Mus

After his election, Nixon achieved a number of accomplishments. He also pushed for groundbreaking legislation that did not pass. Similarly, other accomplishments are listed here.

Richard Nixon Presidential Museum
Nixon worked toward giving the states more autonomy in many programs. His method was “revenue sharing”. The program involved giving controls of various programs and federal revenue to fund them.
Nixon health care reform
Nixon had a plan for health care reform in his first term. He was not able to get it past since his party did not control Congress.
Richard Nixon Presidential Museum
Furthermore, Nixon was a supporter of the Equal Rights Amendment for women. He tripled the number of women in leadership positions.
Richard Nixon Presidential Museum
While this picture is “over photo-shopped”, it shows a list of Nixon’s accomplishments. (The only way to clearly show the list.)
Nixon School Desegration
Even more, his record on southern school desegregation was exceptional
Nixon foreign policy
Nixon was known as a foreign policy president. Since early in his career in the Senate, he excelled at foreign policy
Nixon China agreement
Nixon is widely known for opening China to western trade
Nixon War on Drugs.
Nixon’s administration developed a “war on drugs”. Seems like every president has struggled with this. Even Elvis was involved. (I’ve read in other sources that Elvis was high when this photo was taken!)

The Ending – Watergate

Richard Nixon Watergate chronology
Difficult to know how to post this wall mural. Posted in three parts with some overlap but want to show the chronology
Richard Nixon Watergate
Part two of chronology
Richard Nixon Watergate
Part three of Watergate chronology
Richard Nixon Presidential Museum
Example of the Nixon Administration attacks on the media.
Richard Nixon Watergate
Exposure of Dirty Tricks group. Nixon was proven to know about this and participated.
Richard Nixon Watergate
Nixon approved the use of the CIA to obstruct the FBI’s investigation
Richard Nixon Presidential Library
Presidential recording of conversation in the Oval Office. While other presidents had some level of taping, this one was voice activated.
Richard Nixon Watergate
Later in the Watergate investigation, Nixon wanted the special prosecutor fired.
Richard Nixon Watergate
The end of a National nighmare

The “Rehabilitation”

After Watergate Richard Nixon went into virtual seclusion. As time past, other politicians, including presidents realized Nixon still could be a great adviser.

Richard Nixon Rehabilitation
His reputation rehabilitated, he became an elder statesman. Adviser to other presidents.
Presidents paying final respects to Nixon.
Four former presidents and the current president. All to show their respect for Nixon’s accomplishments and abilities.

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